Hydroponic Equipment South Africa

Hydroponic Equipment South Africa

Looking for South African hydroponic equipment? Learn more about different ranges and options of hydroponic equipment in South Africa…

Hydroponic equipment in South Africa includes complete packages for propagation and healthy growth of plants. Suppliers have a range of hydrophobic systems and system components to offer.  Additionally, there are environmental control equipment, plant lighting and accessories for a full gamut of products.

One type of the hydroponic equipment in South Africa is called the culture pot. It is the main component of the entire system and sits inside the outer pot in order for it to be functional. It has a specially conceived design with a concave bottom. This ensures that only the exterior portion of the pot is in contact with the exterior pot as well as the solution containing the nutrients. It is designed with long openings placed vertically all around the lower portion to maximize the airflow throughout the growing medium and allow maximum aeration at the root zone.

The growing medium, which provides the support is hydroton. It enables the nourishment of the roots by utilizing the plants own capillary action and oxygen supply mechanism. This ensures that nutrition is spread throughout the roots on an even level. The South African -based hydroponic equipment pot also has a water level indicator for convenience. It also fits conveniently into the culture pot and can indicate the amount of water required.

Furthermore, it can be used as a grip handle for the removal of the culture pot. This is convenient especially when the leaching and cleaning process is required. Leaching activity should be conducted on a monthly basis and lukewarm running water should be drained through the root zone and the growing medium.

Another highly effective and interesting hydroponic equipment system is the 42L Aeroflo. This 4 – plant hydroponic plant growing system has its own pump, growing pots, growing medium and irrigation pipes. A combination of deep water culture and top feeding results in the complete immersion of the roots into a nutritionally dense solution.

A very convenient product is the Gro-Tank System in which the roots of those plants that are heavy feeders are immersed in water that has the electronic aerator attached to it. The bubbling device ensures that the roots of the plant are constantly oxygenated.

The heavy duty plastic Aquatray is used to check the drainage and flooding systems. It is best to use in flood and drain applications and if it is utilized with drain fittings and a submersible pump it offers good results along with great flexibility. It can also be utilized as a cloning unit and propagating device if it is covered up. The Aquatray with frames is also constructed out of heavy duty plastic and is larger than the basic aqua tray. Another hydrophonic plant management equipment available in South Africa is the Grobuddy. This unique device is simple and comes with a 10l bucket, a lid, which functions as the insert for the bucket, a venturi column and a base plate. There is the air pump and tubing as well as a ring main and clay pebbles. The unit is prepared manually and the plants are then placed inside  it to maintain nutrition at a very high level. Plants can be either grown from seedlings or a full plant can be positioned inside it.

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