Aperlai Turkey

Want to visit Aperlai Turkey? Read on to discover the quaint city of Aperlai Turkey and its many wonders…

Aperlai Turkey is resplendent with a rich history, which dates back to the fourth and fifth century. With its amazing weather and beautiful beaches Turkey offers a perfect vacation spot for friends and family alike. The town of Aperlai, which was once a thriving Lycian city, is one such historic location. It is located on the Turkish Sicak peninsula, in close proximity to the Sicak jetty.

Its history dates back to the time when the town was the head of the Lycian Confederation that included Apollonia as well as Insinda and Simena as members. You can see the relics engraved in silver coins, which date back to this age, that have been discovered in the city during archaeology expeditions.

Historical Significance of Aperlai Turkey

In terms of its historical significance Aperlai Turkey was head of the Aperlite Confederation which meant that it had one vote in the league. It was considered to be part of the Roman Empire but that arrangement cannot be dated due to lack of records.

The walls of the city of Aperlai Turkey start right at the shoreline and are reinforced with different watchtowers at regular intervals. These walls date back to the Roman times and feature a rectangular and polygonal structure.

In fact, you can find a variety of remains in the city from the Ottoman as well as Byzantine eras. The western side of the wall surrounding the city has a markedly rectangular construction. The wall has three gates. Two of them have a plain archway while the third one has a blind archway.

Configuration of the City of Aperlai Turkey

The southern side of the wall is completely eroded and has a polygon shaped construction scheme. This south side has two towers to guard the entrance which was considered the main gate into the city. The northwest side of the city had a church in it and the southeast corner had a chapel placed in it. Apart from this there are no other surviving structures which can be identified in the city.

When you reach the outside of the city wall and focus on the eastern side of the city of Aperlai Turkey in particular you will see many tombs lying around in ruins. Most of them follow the sarcophagi structure and have a round crest and lid on top. Others lie near the early walls which were not reinforced. Near the shoreline it is believed that they were part of the later city, which was reinforced.

It is interesting to note that you can find different structures as well as the quay associated with the city submerged completely under the water. In fact when you view the underwater projections you can see the remains of a pier projecting outwards on the west side. This remote ruin of Aperlai Turkey may not offer many things to do but makes for a wonderful trip with family. To see how a thriving capital of the Lycian empire was brought to ruin is an experience in itself. After your touring, you can swim in the fabulous azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Visit a quaint little restaurant then walk out from there after your boat ride to the ruins of Aperlai. After spending some time exploring the ruins you can come back to the restaurant for a delicious meal. In Aperlai you can really take in the glory of the past from the fourth and fifth century B.C.

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