Interior Decorating Courses South Africa

Looking for an interior decorating course in South Africa? Learn more about different South African interior decorating courses and diplomas…

South African Interior decoration diploma courses offer the perfect job options. As a very rewarding career choice, the interior design industry is an option that can be pursued as a full-time career or as a hobby. Not only can you meet interesting people, but you can also work constantly on arranging beautiful items to create unique interiors.
You can utilize your finely developed decorating talents and consistently enjoy new products and the distinct satisfaction of creating something from scratch. However, this career path is very challenging. Not only is it satisfying personally, but it also offers monetary benefits.

Structure of The Interior Design Courses

The interior design courses in South Africa are crafted and designed in order to teach basic skills as well as to develop a personal flair. Students are equipped with the skills to break down an entire project of decorating an area into manageable parts.

Any decorating job requires certain basic key skills and these are taught to the students. Before taking on any project an assessment is done of the client’s requirements.
Once you get to know your client and their lifestyle choices, you will be better suited as an interior decorator to scout for ideas and products that meet the requirements both aesthetically and functionally. Beautiful interiors can be created with the use of specialized skills and knowledge. These are also imparted in different Interior design courses in South Africa as the major aspects of planning any room are combined with distinct information on unique decoration. Aspects like the room, floors, windows and walls all need to be taken into account. Based on the requirements of the client these will be addressed and translated in the lighting, finishing, furniture and fittings along with the fabric choices to highlight each aspect.

Budget for Interior Decoration

Of all the different aspects in interior design, one important factor is low cost decorating. In this manner you will be able to create wonderful interiors for those on a budget. Not only will this allow you to expand your skill set but also your customer base. Interior design courses offer hands-on skills that are practical and are sharpened with the projects executed throughout the course.

Interior decorating courses basically allow the functional planning of interiors in different areas. Once the function and form is classified these are decorated to make them look attractive and enhance the interior. Not only can a good interior decorator work on home projects but also on banks and commercial offices as well as shops and restaurants. More than the construction of the house, interior decoration focuses on the final finishing touches to the structural elements of these areas. Major considerations include aspects like the color, space usage, and taste of the client as well as the available budget. These aspects have a bearing on the approach taken towards the project.

Basic modules of interior decoration courses cover the elements and principles of interior decorating. Color, window and floor treatments as well as ergonomics are covered.

The next step builds on knowledge acquired in the first module and students should be able to apply the theories learned in earlier studies. Knowledge of form and function as well as planning and color theory is also imparted to the students. This second module becomes project intensive because the practical application will be the basis of qualifying for the awarding of an diploma. This is followed by a written exam and the requirement of finding a client to attempt an interior design for and manage the budget— starting with an actual presentation describing the entire project.

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