Restaurant Menus From Rome Italy

Want to learn more about the restaurant menus from Rome, Italy? Read on for facts and info on the most popular entrees that you would expect to find on Roman menus….

The city of Rome is rightly considered as being the heart of Italy. Rome is a historic city that has many special things about it. Amongst the specialties of Rome are its high-class restaurants that offer a wide and varied range of authentic Italian cuisine.

When in Rome, eat like the Romans, they say. You will have plenty of choices to make when it comes to restaurant menus in Rome, Italy. For most of the part Roman cuisine is renowned for being rich and filling. This is because of the use of rich ingredients.

Popular Items on the Restaurant Menus from Rome

Ortolano zucchini is the name of an eggplant based dish which is an all time favorite of the people of Rome. It is made using a combination of eggplant with mozzarella in aqua, roman tomatoes and olives. The special touch is added to the dish by home made roasted peppers.

Another must have on the Roman restaurant menu is the Zuppa del Giorno chef’s seasonal special. This is a rich and creamy authentic Italian recipe that consists of creamy cow’s milk cheese with baby arugula. It is prepared in olive oil and seasoned with balsamic vinegar to bring out the desired taste.

On the sweeter side you have the Insalata di Mele. This is a dish made using red sweet apples that are actually mixed with field greens, walnuts, chevre, and grapes and is topped with  an improvisational house dressing.

Amongst the unique items on the restaurant menus of Rome is Caprese fresh water mozzarella,which is prepared with local heirloom tomatoes along with garden basil and basil oil and then seasoned with aged balsamic vinegar.

Cesare romaine is another classic from Rome which is made using house made ciabatta croutons and topped with house made dressing. The Romans make use of white Spanish anchovies to add flavor to the recipe.

Another recipe consisting of thinly sliced fillet along with megello pecorino peppato and mushrooms is known as the Carpaccio di Filetto. Also, parts of the recipe are items like mushrooms, fresh lemons, capers and olive oil.

In the dessert section you will find the all time classic Insalata di Pera Chianti which is a poached pear mixed with field greens based dish. It is further mixed with toasted dates and gorgonzola to add a unique flavor.

Insalata di Arugula San Daniele Prosciutto is also a popular item on the Roman menu. It comprises of baby wild arugula, fennel, parmigiano reggiano and fresh lemon.

If you want a taste of something spicy then you can go for the Calamari Fritti fried Calamari which consists of arugula pest and spiced pomodor. Steamed Mussels with clams are another popular entrée along with which the classic olives mixed with artisan olives is popular as an appetizer on the restaurant menus of Rome, Italy.


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