Swedish Crafts

Swedish crafts are beautiful and light up any ambience with their stunning and striking designs and colors. Read our guide below for more facts and information on handicrafts from Sweden…

Swedish crafts have a history that dates back to ancient times, but have maintained their glory and fame to date. Swedish culture has been resplendent with porous borders, lovely handicrafts, weaving, linen and hand-woven cloth that have also influenced the global market to a very large extent.

Swedish Heart for Christmas

Swedish Heart made by woven paper is one of the most popular Christmas traditional decorations. They are basically paper bags that children use to fill up with lots of Christmas goodies. Referred to as “Jhärtkorgar” in Swedish, these bags are very easy to make and look lovely too. You may deck up the Christmas tree with these beautiful bags and let your kids try their hand at making them.

Dala wooden horses and roosters

It is believed that the origin of this Swedish craft dates back to 1700’s in the province of Dalarna. This is a genuine Swedish craft that is representative of Sweden and very much in demand by people visiting Sweden. After the display of the Dala Horse in the Paris Exposition during the 19th century, it became renowned internationally as the “Swedish Dala Horse”.

Exquisite hand-painted designs and paintings are displayed on the Dala Horse that is unique, inimitable and rich. All these facets of this Swedish craft have made it the most renowned craft in demand in Europe. The making of the Dala Horse is a family tradition that has been passed over from generation to generation and is today the most vibrant and irreplaceable part of Swedish culture. The horses are especially carved by the men at the village in their homes and then colored by the skilled artists before being sold in the market. The wood used is not any ordinary wood but is special and has unique qualities. Initially the horse was red in color, but to cater to the widening demand now it is available in many colors.

Swedish paper chains

Swedish paper chains are a beautiful decoration for your Christmas trees. They are generally made in silver and gold with paper-backed foil paper. They can be made by kids at home with slight adult supervision.

Swedish Crafts, Lindsborg

In business since 1948, Swedish Crafts is renowned for importing and exporting Swedish crafts and North-European crafts from Lindsborg across the entire globe. Their USP is the exquisite collection of handicrafts that are classy, unique and the perfect gift items for close friends and family as well as the best gift you give yourself. They manage their sales through retailing as well as via mail-order.

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