Turkish Silver Earrings

Find out all about the trendy Turkish silver earrings are available in a variety of styles. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Turkish earrings have gained immense popularity among women and girls of all ages. Due to the latest fashion trend of ethnic, one of a kind jewellery pieces, they are in demand all over, not just in Turkey.

Earring Designs

Each pair is given a lot of time and effort as they are made with intricate craftsmanship. The designs of the earrings are inspired by Turkish history, Turkish symbols and cultural artefacts.

The more intricate pieces come with stones, Swarovski crystals or are made of Turkish mesh. The more embellished pairs have designs inspired by Turkish history or Islamic art.

More elaborate and intricate Turkish silver earrings are also made using filigree. This is a technique which involves twisting threads and beads which are soldered together to create the desired designs.


Turkish earrings come in many designs, colours, sizes and styles. Some are plain silver or plain gold while others come with gemstones. Any one piece is rarely be made and found in bulk except if you are shopping in a Turkish mall or looking through local  jewellery shops in Turkey.

Turkish silver variety includes silver tribal earrings with and without stones, plain sterling silver, chandelier earrings etc.

The pairs that look appropriate for casual wear come in plain silver or as studs with small gemstones. The ones apt for formal wear come as chandelier earrings with bigger stones in bolder colours. Gold and silver earrings with stones are also preferred.

Age and Pricing

There is also an extensive range of semi-antique silver earrings in the market which vary in size, length and weight. Majority of the pieces comes from Turkey while some come from Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan in Central Asia.

There is also a large variety of vintage and antique Turkish jewellery found all over the country which also includes silver earrings.

Some pieces are 10 to 20 years old while others may be up to sixty years old. The materials used include silver, enamel, agate, turquoise, apatite and green amethyst.

The pieces vary where cheaper ones are available for $25 which goes up to $100 or more for fancier pairs as well as for the embellished antique ones.

If you are looking for Turkish earrings online you will find one or two pairs of each design. This means that every pair that you purchase is unique unlike the off-the-rack kinds.

There are many places online where you purchase Turkish earrings. They offer listings from suppliers all around with old, slightly used and new items. The only problem with purchasing online is that one needs to survey to find the fair price for the earrings and more importantly find a reliable supplier so that you get what is shown in the picture.

Then all you need to do is find the pair that you like and fits your range. Simply inquire about the shipping process and order your favourite Turkish earrings now.

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