Ski Resort Tiffindell South Africa

Visiting the ski resort Tiffindell in South Africa? Learn more about the only South African ski resort, Tiffindell, and the many adventures for friends and family…

A wonderful thing about the Tiffindell ski resort is that not only does it provide an amazing vacation experience, but the staff ensures everyone has a memorable and pampered vacation.

The aim is to allow visitors to focus on the amazing pleasure of visiting a ski resort in the south of Africa. Being the only ski resort in South Africa, the Tiffindell Ski Resort is very popular. Accommodation for up to 144 residents is provided in the form of very safe timber chalets that are heated for comfort. The highest point is the Ben McDhui peak, which lies at the Cape, 3001m above sea level.

The ski resort is built on the slope at a height of 2720m. That makes its visitors guests in the highest mountain resort in all of South Africa. Nestled snugly in the mountains lies Ice Station 2720 and there are two individual snow grooming machines that ensure high quality of snow on the 2.3 hectares of ski area reserved for enthusiasts. There are snow guns that run on an hourly basis to blast 120,000 litres of water every hour. These can cover the entire slope with 20 cm of fresh snow within a short span of 24 hours.

In fact, the first button elevator in South Africa was placed at the highest ski resort here. The annual South African Ski & Snowboard Championships attracts many visitors to this location each year. For adults there are different activities to enjoy at this lofty mountain resort.

Tiffindell provides exciting flame-torch ski entertainment and the Aprés Ski entertainment at night as well as other amazing adventures. Another interesting possibility is to enjoy drinks while suspended upside down from the roof of the resort. There are different games for the guests to enjoy over hot or cold beverages.
The views that you can take in from the different chalets or slopes are absolutely amazing. Every evening sees the advent of mass bum-boarding as the guests slide down the slope to attend dinner. The group activities cover hikes to the Ben McDhui. That is the highest point located in the Eastern Cape at 3001m.

There are group walking trips and expeditions and the spectacular 6 hour return hike to visit the breathtaking Telle Falls. In addition to this guests can enjoy mountain biking, exciting fly-fishing for rainbow trout, horse riding or navigate 4×4 trails.

Nature enthusiasts can take in the beautiful carpets of alpine flowers, go bird watching or simply spend the evening stargazing. An activity at the top of the list for many a guest is the amazing sport of mountain boarding.This top class resort has all the right facilities and activities that can also be utilized for corporate teambuilding and annual vacations.

Snow Fun for Children

For children there is a separate gaming room and babysitting facilities. Different activities during the day include walking on the mountain track, making snowballs and enjoying a snowball fight, setting up your own snowman or going bum-boarding down the slope.

The whole family can enjoy snow fun and a four-day program at the Tiffindell ski resort in South Africa will make for a memorable experience. The magic of the snow can be enjoyed by all – learning how to ski with parents and family. From the age of five onwards children are enrolled in the program known as ‘Snowfun’ so that they enjoy the resort as much as adults do.

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