Big Bang Korean Band

Interested in the Big Bang Korean band? Discover more about the new faces launched by YG Entertainment, which took Korean music by storm…

YG Entertainment, a leading record and music label in Korea, launched the Big Bang Korean band. The band is a boy band comprised of five local singers. Their initial foray into music achieved only lukewarm success. By the time their album entitled Lies was released they had garnered mainstream popularity.

The band was formed in 2005 and 2006 and made up of previously known singers who had had different levels of success in the Korean music industry. The Big Bang Korean band has G-Dragon as its leader followed by a vocalist known as Taeyang both of whom were already signed by YG Entertainment since the age of 12. The other two members – T.O.P was a popular rap star and Seungri was introduced to the music industry following his win on a music talent show. Before the record label released the new boy band they were provided formal training and then launched. There is, in fact, a documentary, which covers their journey before selection and includes scenes of singing and dancing lessons.

The name was decided after much consideration and finally the band debuted on 19 August 2006 during an official concert held at the Gymnastics Arena in Seoul Olympic Park. A fan club was established the following year and, interestingly enough, fans are known to support concerts by waving black and white colored handkerchiefs as well as bandannas. The first concert was held in 2006 December and followed by the release of a debut album, which included their singles recorded previously. That record went on to sell a little over 48,000 copies.

Rising Stars – Big Bang Korean Band

With the music label backing them, the band went on to release the first concert album in early 2007, which sold approximately 30,000 copies by the end of the year. Following this they went on national tour of concerts in Korea, that was entitled Want You. It was performed in five cities including Busan, Jeonju, Daegu, Changwon and Incheon. The label utilizing the boy band introduced a unique type of release. This is known as the mini album. These releases garnered massive success and led to awards from the music industry in 2007 in 2008.

The popularity of the group helped them race ahead of leading competitors, which included bands like F.T. Island and Wonder Girls.

Big Bang Korean Band – Concert Tours

With the constant strain of exhausting performances most of the band members sustained injuries and collapsed a number of times. They were eventually hospitalized and concert tours were shortened drastically. Their popularity grew year by year following these incidents and the record label had to repackage and introduce their existing music for a second release.

Following their success in Korea the band moved on to other countries like Japan by the year 2008 and a beautiful album including Korean singles as well as one Japanese song was launched in Japan. The album entitled For the World was a commemorative issue launched for the Japanese audience. The group no longer needed strong promotions and most of their music shot to the top 10 charts. After three mini albums the group is still going strong with several singles that raced up the music charts and stayed there for weeks on end.

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