Chinese Crested Information

Looking for information on the Chinese crested dog? Get the complete characteristics of this unique breed of toy dog.

The fine boned Chinese crested dog is known for its elegance and grace. It is a dog that makes a lovely companion because of its joyful and entertaining nature. They love to eat although they do not eat a great deal. Any time you place even a tiny bite in front of them they will leap at it and gobble it down.

These friendly dogs are adored for their affable nature. They are as loyal as dogs can be and will never run away or turn on their owners. There are two basic varieties within this breed of dog known as the hairless and the powder puff. Both these varieties are not bred separately rather they are born in the same litter.

The hairless has humanlike skin and plumes of hair on the tail, head and feet. The powder puff on the other hand has a thick double coat of long and silky hair. The complete body of the powder puff is covered with its fur whereas the hairless appears to be totally different so much so that they seem like two separate breeds.

The Chinese crested dog can be rightfully considered to be a family dog. It is a safe choice to keep as a pet in houses where there are little children. They like to hug and love to be hugged as well.

The hairless variety is known to carry certain genetic defects. These are most obvious in the toenail and teeth. In order to eliminate these genetic defects the hairless are bred along with the powder puff. This kind of breeding eventually rids the litter from all of its genetic defects.

The nature of the Chinese crested dog is such that they are not suitable to live in kennels. This is because it has a personality of a companion dog and hence they do best inside the homes of people. They are shy of strangers and hate to be handled by them. This particular breed of dog is low maintenance especially if you go for the hairless variety.

This lovely companion dog goes by with a couple of different names. Amongst the unique names given to this breed of dog are the Chinese edible dog, the Chinese royal hairless and the Chinese ship dog. The breed is known to have come into being through a series of simultaneous evolutionary stages originating from the African hairless.

The Chinese crested dog is considered to be an ideal apartment dog. It has an average height range of nine to thirteen inches and an average weight range of five to fourteen lbs. This particular dog is available in a wide variety of color combinations. This is the case with the powder puff. With regards to the hairless you will find its skin color to range from pale pink with grey spots to a relatively dark skin color. The Chinese crested has an average age span of twelve to fourteen years and can serve as a great companion dog for a long time.

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