South African Braai Food

Cooking South African braai food? Learn more about the fascinating recipes and delectable South African braai food…

The delectable food in South Africa comes from its multicultural background, which reflects the rainbow of culinary specialties from across the globe. The food scene has unique and fascinating recipes to be enjoyed. Since many Dutch and Malay people have influenced the local cuisine the basic blend is found as the spicy Indian curry, tantalizing European food and the sweet-and-sour mix of the Malays, which all come together as a whole with the indigenous cooking techniques of the local Afrikaans.
The South African braai cuisine is basically the barbecue. It is considered one of the best ways of enjoying the great outdoors over a meal. The word braai is basically an abbreviation of the Afrikaans word braaivleis, which means barbecue.

The Braai Or Grill

The equipment and the procedure of grilling the meat both refer to the same word. In South Africa this form of cooking is very popular, mainly because the meat is game meat and braai offers an easy way of cooking it at any location. It can be enjoyed by the locals or foreigners and people of any social status. Most South Africans are known for barbecuing on a weekly basis or every evening, as the case may be. Campsites and holidays are ideal for enjoying the resultant culinary treats. The braai or grill can be a high-tech barbecue unit or simply mesh wire placed on stone bricks.

The Braai Menu

Marinated steaks and Lamb chops, spiced spare ribs and kebabs are accompanied by the sauce, maize meal porridge, bread seasoned with herbs, mushrooms and unique salads creating a wholesome and festive culinary experience that is unmatched anywhere in the world.

The braai is enjoyed regardless of the weather conditions because it reflects the spirit of the South Africans. Whether it is hailing, raining or the sun is shining, the barbecue must go on! It’s not just a cooking technique but the South African braai is a lifestyle. Large groups of friends and family gather for this enjoyable event on a regular basis making it a way of connecting people. The origins of the braai culture are difficult to trace back but it is known that the indigenous people including the Khoi, Bantu and Voortrekker nomads all had to cook their food on open flames given the nature of their lifestyle.

Technique for Making a Good Braai

The meat should be a young and well fed animal meat. The better the quality of the meat, the better the results; steak should be juicy and tender to improve the flavor of the meat. In order to ensure that the meat does not curl while barbecuing, remove the outer fat strips. The most popular meat is lamb because it retains its tenderness. The farmer’s sausage is the most popular introduction by the Dutch colonists and is enjoyed with spice and sauce.

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