Ireland Golf Courses

Interested in Ireland golf courses? Explore some of the unique golf links that Ireland has to offer…

Located on the fringe of Europe the unique country of Ireland has a host of golf courses that serve as one of its main tourist attractions. Three golf courses from Ireland are to be found in the top twelve list of the world. A large section of the tourist industry is modeled around touring these golf courses and enjoying world class tee time.

Specially formulated golf courses give you the opportunity to tour the golf course of your choice. You will find many tourist companies to have a list of preferred destinations. At the same time many of these companies will give you the freedom to choose your own golf course.

The country of Ireland has rapidly developed its golf courses in the last couple of decades. So much so that it is perhaps only second to Scotland. Ireland now houses many suitable links for making the perfect golf getaway. Ireland golf courses will give you a taste of coastal landscape as well as dramatic dunes. Some of the golf courses in Ireland are more than 100 years old whereas other brilliant new ones are also being developed. In total Ireland has over four hundred golf courses to offer.

Most Popular Golf Courses in Ireland

The Royal Dublin is without a doubt among the most highly revered courses. It is credited as being the second oldest course of the nation. This unique golf course has survived the Second World War and a devastating fire and continues to thrive over a century of existence. Another spectacular golf course is the Royal County Down. This is one of the most challenging links often visited by the pros. Situated along the northeastern cost the Royal County Down played host to the 2007 Walker Cup.

Another royal course in northern Ireland is the Royal Portush. To its credit is the fact that it is the only golf course on the Emerald Isle to host the British Open which it did back in 1951. Other neighboring northern coastal links that promise a great golfing experience are the Castlerock and Portstwewart.

The northwest region of Ireland has also become renowned for its great golf courses. This is one of the most frequented regions by amateurs, first timers and people on a budget. This is because the tees are less challenging, although beautiful and charge a rather nominal fee as compared to the more royal links. Popular courses in the region include Rosapenna, Ballyliffin, Rosses Point and Enniscrone.

Southwestern Ireland has some green giants waiting to be explored. The renowned Old Course at Ballybunion is one of the most trafficked links in the region. Tralee and Watervile are situated close by. The far south has its own hidden gems such as the Old Head. This is one of the newer links developed by Ireland and features some of the most incredible golf stages in the world.

The above mentioned golf courses are just some of the miraculous courses that Ireland has to offer. The complete list is exhaustive featuring over four hundred golf courses of varying class.

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