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A number of producers of turfgrass and sod equipment for industry are based in South Africa. There are more than 1000 member companies that are part of this industry and they are considerably involved as turfgrass sod producers, manufacturers, suppliers, students and educators, landscape contractors and industry associates based around the world and operating out of South Africa. There is a variety of different equipment available for turfgrass usage and maintenance. Some of these include the aerators, blowers and vacuums, fairway mowers, gang mowers, golf carts and green or tee mowers, which are top mount and riding style to cover large areas. Other types of turfgrass equipment include products specifically crafted as greens rollers and grinders.

Special locations require sprayers, top dressers and spreaders as well as trap rakes to ensure a well-maintained turfgrass green area. These areas need to be catered to with specifically designed equipment so that they are not destroyed by heavy-handed pruning techniques. Maintenance is essential, but with absolutely the right equipment, which is customized for use on turfgrass sod. There are different utility vehicles as well as trailers that can be used for the walk mower, while there are specifically designed trim mowers that ensure that the greens and the surrounding areas look perfect. A turf tractor allows easy movement on the greens without destroying the area.

The heavy equipment for turfgrass in South Africa includes top dressers and Buffalo turbine blowers. Leading providers of turfgrass equipment provide warranties and shipping details to supply goods to different regions of the country.

There are different grasses that require different equipment. These can include the Bermudagrass, Centipedegrass, Ryegrass, St. Augustinegrass and the Tall Fescue. Other turfgrasses that are very popular are the Zoysiagrass, Fine Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass. There are many local growers of turfgrass sod and they are willing to provide specific information on the different species that may be suitable for every application.

Turfgrass Sod

A warm season grass that is very low maintenance is the centipede grass. It is great for lawns and areas in tropical climates where rainfall is very high. It withstands water logging and is generally very hardy. It does need the right maintenance and care, which is minimal. Requiring full sun in summer it grows dormant in the winter. It is drought resistant and works best with little water. It is important to use the right equipment to work on any lawn because it does not recover from bad machinery or equipment used to maintain it. If the grass is damaged with heavy equipment it will not recover fully to its original state. It has to be fertilized, watered and mowed properly. In general, light lawnmowers are recommended in order to prevent the damage of the lawn.

Bermudagrass is considered a warm season grass. It has a very dark green color and high density while it grows very low through the rhizomes. Its leaf texture is fine to medium and it requires very low maintenance. If it is treated with the right equipment it displays the beautiful density of foliage.

These grasses are recommended for use in tropical and hot climates, ideally on golf courses, because a golf cart or mower will not destroy them. Furthermore, sports fields and recreational areas with high traffic along with households, which have children or pets use Bermuda grass because it is easy to maintain using only residential and commercial equipment.

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