South African Certified Pure Hoodia Gordonii

Looking for South African certified pure hoodia gordonii? Learn more about choosing pure certified hoodia gordonii from South Africa…

The first point to remember when selecting hoodia gordonii for weight loss is that only South African hoodia gordonii gives the right effect and desired appetite suppressing benefit. Other forms of the herb are manufactured in Mexico or China, but are not effective and are a total waste of money. It is also important to get certification and analysis reports from different manufacturers before deciding on consumption of this medication.

The consumption of hoodia gordonii should not be taken lightly because it is a drug that works on the central nervous system. It has a very strong appetite suppressing effect and if the wrong chemicals are mixed with it, it can lead to more harm than benefit. Some of the best South African certified and tested hoodia gordonii is available under the brand name Optimum Hoodia. It is certified as 100% pure organic hoodia, which originates from the Kooroo region in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa. Certified South African Hoodia Gordonii is first harvested and dried before it is ground into a powder form. Furthermore, the brand known as Optimum Hoodia does not have any filler as found in other products. Many brands that provide certification and analysis reports failed to mention that the pill does not contain hundred percent hoodia and may have other ingredients mixed with it.

There are many products that failed to meet the standards in clinical trials and have a mixture of ingredients. There are brands like H57 and 911, which have ineffective potency.

Certified and tested hoodia is also verified through 3rd party testing. Each of the batches is tested in order to authenticate its quality.

The Hoodia Plant

The hoodia gordonii plant is much like the cactus and belongs to the succulent milkweed family. The South African variety, which is the original one, is actually grown only in the wild in the Kalahari Desert. It has been in use for thousands of years by the local Bushmen and one of its prime usages was as an accompaniment on hunting trips thattook a long time. Different nerves are worked upon with the chemical known as P 57 in order to make the brain think that the stomach is full. That means that travelers on long journeys can eat small amounts of food and not suffer from hunger pangs. Ideal for weight-loss, a lot of scam takes place around hoodia, because it is only available from South Africa. That makes lucrative opportunities for scam artists to try to sell inferior products.


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