Volvo 144 South Africa

Looking for the Volvo 144 in South Africa? Get detailed information on the Volvo 144 series from the years 1967 – 1974…

The South African public highly appreciated the Volvo 144 and it is one of the most successful of the Swedish vehicles on South African roads. South African car dealers have taken note of record sales of this particular model by Volvo, which was revamped since its launch in 1967 and has seen new models come out up until 1974. Following that the car was often sold secondhand or third hand as the spare parts are still easily available in South Africa for the Volvo 144 series model.

The Swedish company that manufactures this brand of cars is known for its highly safe automobiles. Since 1966, the year of the launch of the Volvo 144, the manufacturers have remained exceptionally focused on increasing the security features of the vehicle. That also indicates that in the 60s it was quite a novelty and very innovative for that timeperiod.

Although other vehicles on the road may have focused on providing basic safety features, Volvo went 10 steps ahead. A prime example of such an innovation is the fact that money was invested in creating features that would benefit both the driver and passenger. There were safety belts for drivers and front passenger as well. Furthermore, the material used to construct the body needed to be shock absorbent to reduce the damage or harm in case of a front impact in an accident.

Each vehicle manufactured by Volvo has been named  following their unique naming system. It is comprised of 3 letters, each of which represents the series of the vehicle, the number of cylinders and doors on the car, therefore revealing the important and basic details about the vehicle. This identified the Volvo 144 as a component in the first series, which had a four cylinder engine and four doors. Ergonomically designed, the automobile had a very spacious interior and its three side windows were indispensable and added comfort and great looks to the car as a whole.

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