Attic Cat Korean Series

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The South Korean series Attic Cat focuses on the dramatic aspects of the fine line that divides friendship and love. The program, also known as Rooftop Room Cat, was based,for the most part, on a comic novel and was aired in the Philippines as well as other parts of Asia and even United States.

Storyline of Rooftop Room Cat

The main character in the program is Jung Eun who is one of the old friends of Hye Ryun. Since Kyung Min is in a very desperate situation he decides to take on the challenge of helping the poor friend of Hye Ryun. A volatile friendship develops because they start living under one roof or rather on top of the roof of an old building. An unlikely story of romance blossoms as the storyline develops.

Continually taking advantage of the kindness and compassion of this young girl, Kyung Min is a total brat and constantly clashes with the simple-natured girl Jung Eun. He was actually an orphan who was raised by his grandparents after the death of his parents.

He is studying to be a law student with his rich grandparents and actually likes the rich young girl Hye Ryun, who is also a law student at his university. In contrast, Jung Eun is from very humble origins and the daughter of a self-respecting policeman and a housewife. She has continuously failed the employment examination because she’s not very bright and manages to get by because of her optimism.

Suddenly her parents decide to move away from the main city of Seoul, but she does not want to defy her parents and stay in the city. So, she discreetly rents out an attic in an old building. However, her younger brother unfortunately steals her money at this point in time and she is forced to take in Kyung Min to help pay for the rent rather than move from the city.

The young girl who Kyung Min is attracted to, Hye Ryun is actually a very close friend of Jung Eun since high school. When Jung Eun borrows her library card to use the facilities at the university she ends up falling asleep on Kyung Min’s books. He is thoroughly disgusted when he finds her in this spot and she apologizes to him and rushes away.

Interesting Twists in the Plot

The story develops when he feels that she has stolen his folder and chases her to check her bag and physically pulls it away to drop everything out. He realizes his mistake and even though he apologizes she goes away and is very angry at him. However as the two girl friends meet in the cafeteria so that Jung Eun can return Hye Ryun’s card they go over the episode of the day. When Kyung Min spots them together he starts deliberately running into Jung Eun in order to create a favorable impression of himself. He thinks that she might be beneficial in passing on a positive image of him to his fellow student Rye Hyun whom he is attracted to.

However, as time goes by it turns out that the story takes a completely different turn involving the lending of money to her in order for her to rent out the attic and they end up sharing it.

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