Barbara Mclean in South Korea

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Renowned artist and painter Barbara McLean graduated from Sheridan College in the Department of Graphic Design and went on to graduate from NSCAD University with a major in Fine Art achieved in 2002. She is a resident of Chester Nova Scotia and has established her functional studio in that place. A sought-after art instructor, Barbara McLean has conducted many adult workshops throughout her career and focused on abstract painting, mixed media and the creative use of Mylar among other workshop themes.

Employment Profile of Barbara McLean

Crawley films hired her in their animation department in Ottawa in the year 1971 and she was promoted as a designer for the head office of the unemployment insurance commission from the year 1971 to 1974 while still based in Ottawa, Canada. She moved to Nova Scotia in 1974 and continued to develop her freelance design portfolio by taking on creative assignments for many years. Barbara McLean even taught After School Art Programs in Nova Scotia.

Barbara McLean in South Korea

As an enthusiastic educationist Barbara McLean went on to teach the subject of English as a second language in South Korea during the years 2003 and 2006. She was a faculty member at the renowned Yosu University in South Korea. She also continued to paint and created different works of art, which led to her exhibition in Itaewan Korea. That was a solo exhibition held in August 2006 in Korea and was a tribute to her Asian experiences and the inspiration was translated onto the canvas in her signature style.
After her return from South Korea Barbara McLean went on represent the Visual Arts Nova Scotia for the South Shore region. Her artwork is honored in the book Landscape Painters of Nova Scotia available from Nimbus Publishing, and printed in October 2009 as a tribute to regional-based painters from Nova Scotia.

Representation of Barbara McLean

This renowned artist is featured at different art galleries and is popular with landscape artwork lovers all over the world. Her work can be viewed at the two prestigious galleries in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia: the Art Choices Gallery and Peer Gallery. For those residing near or visiting Hollis St., Halifax, Nova Scotia, the artwork of this renowned artist can be viewed at the Art Sales and Rental Gallery. The Trees Gallery houses her landscape paintings in the town of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia.

Solo exhibitions by Barbara McLean

The latest exhibition by artist Barbara McLean was in 2009 at the Craig Gallery in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and was titled Passages. That was preceded by two exhibitions at the Peer Gallery located in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. These exhibitions were held in 2009 and 2007 and entitled Describing Landscape and Intrinsic Worth. Barbara McLean in South Korea held a solo exhibition in the city of Itaewan, Korea. The exhibition was organized in the year 2005 and titled Mixed Metaphor. Barbara McLean’s South Korean exhibition was inspired by her experiences in the Asian region. Prior to that the artist had conducted an exhibition in 2003 entitled Cambium Layer at the Anna Leonowens Gallery in Nova Scotia. The first exhibition by the artist was in fact in 1998 at the Black Duck Gallery in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia called Asking the Question.

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