Minnesota In The Indian And Civil Wars, 1861 To 1865

Want to buy the book “Minnesota in the Indian and Civil Wars, 1861 to 1865”? Read on for an interesting review of this indispensable historical record that provides readers with invaluable research into the role of Minnesota during the Indian Civil

Minnesota was at the center of the controversy during the civil wars that took place between the years 1861 to 1865. “Minnesota in the Indian and Civil Wars, 1861 to 1865″ is a special historical record of the events that unfolded in Minnesota during the warring years. Published by Minnesota Historical Society Press the official record is available in two parts and makes an excellent addition to the collection of every Civil War buff, genealogist and historian.

A First Hand Account

The above mentioned is a rare record that has now been made publicly available. What makes this two volume book special is the fact that it has been written by the army men that participated in the battles that took place in Minnesota. This is why you will find the book to be loaded with accurate facts and information regarding the events of the Civil War.

The book was first published in the 1890s and has since attracted much attention. You will be able to find the book to be giving you regimental rosters with a list of names, ages, transfers, remarks and muster dates of the various soldiers that took part in the war. The book also gives detailed narratives of the service that every regnbsp;iment, battalion, brigade and battery delivered during the Civil War. The reader will be able to find an excellent official record of the various battles, campaigns, marches, surrenders, furloughs, returns, re-enlistments as well as the wounded lists of all those that were on the battlefield.

One of the most interesting aspects of the book is the collection of telegrams, descriptions and letters that give periodic updates of the significant developments that were taking place in the Dakota war. This collection includes letters and telegrams that were actually dispatches written straight from the battlefield. The reader will get a feel of the Civil War in real-time reading this handsome book.

The revised edition of “Minnesota in the Indian and Civil Wars, 1861 to 1865″ is now available with the 144 page index included for the first time. This index gives a detailed account to the regimental rosters during the Civil War. This unique feature of the book has turned it into an extremely critical research tool that can be used for academic purposes as well. Anyone looking for authentic and detailed reference to the wartime history of Minnesota’s troops will find this book to be an invaluable resource.

The hardcover 2 volume book set has a total of 1,682 pages and is currently available in only the English language. The enlarged edition of the book was released by Minnesota Historical Society Press on October 28, 2005 and has gained much prominence since then. In fact statistics reveal that the revised edition has become one of the best-selling books in its league. This is because it stands unparalleled in terms of the accurate information that it has to offer along with the fact that it can be made to serve as an indispensable research tool on the role of Minnesota during the civil wars of 1861 to 1865.



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