Hankyung Korean Fans

Are you one of Hankyung Korean Fans? Learn more about the Chinese singer Hankyung with many Korean fans enjoying his musical talent…

The Chinese actor and pop singer known as Hankyung has Korean fans due to his popularity in Korea. Originally called Han Geng this young twenty something Chinese pop singer is part of the boy band known as Super Junior and is known by the name of Hankyung by Korean fans. He is also the lead singer in another other musical group Super Junior M.

Personality of the Singer and Actor Hankyung

As one of the dancers in the musical band he’s also a trained Chinese martial arts practitioner. He uses martial arts moves as part of his dance routines and became famous for his skillful Chinese dancing, which originates from the ethnic groups in China.

As part of a Korean music group he has contributed immensely to the Korean wave promulgated in China. He was also the torchbearer for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and represents cultural exchange activity between both South Korea and China.

Background of the Singer

Born in northeastern China in the city of Mudanjiang in 1984, the young boy was accepted into Central University for Nationalities at the young age of 13 and moved to Beijing to pursue his passion for dancing.

By December of 2001 he was taking part in a talent scouting audition in Beijing, which was hosted and organized by the Korean talent hunt agency known as the SM Entertainment agency. There were approximately 3000 contestants but when he was accepted into August 2002 as one of the winners he left his work in a Chinese movie where he was playing a short cameo role.

He went on to graduate with honors from the Central University for Nationalities. Moving on to South Korea he took lessons in acting, Korean language, singing and dancing to perfect and broaden his talent. Living with other trainees who were part of the group selected by SME, this musician went on to become an A Grade dancing student winning Hankyung many Korean fans.

Musical Career and Accolades

Hankyung Korean fans find his talents unmatched because he was the first Chinese as well as a foreigner to debut with his musical band in South Korea.

He was closely watched by the media and soon enough he started functioning as a catwalk model for fashion shows organized in South Korea. The band members and the singer moved on to perform in 2005 at an SME musical program with their first hit single.

There were 500 Hankyung Korean fans present at that location and the performance got the attention of viewers from China as well as Japan. After a month a full album was released and reached number three on the music charts in this country. When the future generations of Super Junior were halted after the 13th member was added on to the program, in 2006, the group started identifying themselves as Super Junior.

Han Korean fans loved his diversity and as a result he started appearing on variety shows and playing guest roles leading to a fan following in Korea as well as other Asian countries.

He is a national celebrity in China, and Korean fans will not be left behind – pushing his music to the top of the charts. His popularity is evidenced by the different acting roles as well as the fact that he was ambassador and torchbearer at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

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