Jumong Korean Drama

Interested in Jumong the Korean drama? Read more about the Korean drama called Jumong, which features the life of the King and founder of Goguryeo…

Jumong the South Korean drama filmed in the Hanja language will air on the NBC network in South Korea. This historical drama was televised during the 45th anniversary special celebrations for the TV channel. The drama became so popular that it was extended from 60 episodes to 81 episodes to cater to audience demand.

The drama focuses on the life of the founder and King of Goguryeo, King Jumong Taewang. Since there is very limited historical evidence that is considered authentically related to Jumong, the directors have taken a lot of creative license in developing the story.

The original legends revolving around the king have been replaced by more realistic stories related to his birth and have made it a part of the Korean wave.

Storyline of the Korean Drama Jumong

When the country of Gojoseon collapses under an invasion conducted by the Han Dynasty Warriors in China the entire country splits apart into different city states. These individual states are powerless against the dynamic Han Empire and are left with no option but to merge with the Hans. The Chinese rulers are portrayed as barbaric individuals using prisoners and refugees to test new weapons made out of iron.

In order to counteract their brutality one of the legendary soldiers Hae Mosu collaborates with the Crown Prince of the state of Buyeo to create the Damulgun or the Damul Army. This is, in fact, a group of soldiers who have joined forces to defend the refugees in Gojoseon. During one of the battles against the Han warriors Hae Mosu is severely injured and floats down the river in a near fatal condition.

Lady Yuhwa, who is a princess from the Haebaek tribe, rescues him. Unfortunately the Han soldiers discover that the man they are hunting for is being sheltered and cared for by the princess of the tribe.

The Han soldiers completely annihilate the village. However, the would-be victim manages to escape and joins a caravan, which is headed by the ruler of the Gyeh – Ru tribe. In order to save his life Mosu does not reveal his identity and starts working with the caravan team.

Dramatic Performances in Korean Drama Jumong

Through dramatic twists and turns Mosu ends up defending the caravan and the young daughter of the owner. Although Yeon the owner is informed of his real identity and knows that there is a great reward for his capture, he refuses to give up Mosu as a result of his bravery in saving the lives of his family and his fortune.

When Mosu rejoins Geumwa the crafty Han soldiers go undercover as fake refugees and then actually destroy the Damulgun soldiers. They subsequently capture Mosu who is tortured and finally blinded.

In the meantime the Haebaek princess who had been living with Mosu after his return gives birth to his son Jumong who grows up to become the Prince of Buyeo.

The characters evolve beautifully into their unique roles as the story unfolds 20 years into the future and shows how the next generation has fallen into weakness and cowardice.

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