Korean Baby Quilt Patterns

Want to make Korean Baby Quilt Patterns? Learn more about the unique techniques for creating Korean baby quilt patterns…

With two different techniques utilized to make baby quilt patterns in Korea, you can select from a variety of designs and create a unique baby quilt out of almost any somewhat usable piece of linen. The skill level required for practicing this craft is intermediate level and a general knowledge of stitching is essential.

There are many online resources for selecting different quilt patterns that appeal to you. Each of the patterns utilized for creating your Korean baby quilt is furnished with general instructions and can be altered to your liking.

Choosing different themes for a Korean baby quilt will involve some basic items like the artwork, the name of the child and date of birth along with the country and place the baby was born.

Fabrics and colors can be chosen according to the preference of the quilt maker to match the other items in the baby’s room. It is a good idea to use colors that appeal to the general color scheme and layout of the room in order for the quilt to be of long-lasting use and to blend in well.

Techniques Utilized To Create Korean Baby Quilt Patterns

Korean patchwork has been used in Korea for more than two centuries. This style is generally used because most of the clothing in Korea has a circular pattern and a large number of small pieces of cloth are left over often. These quilting techniques evolved from basic ideas for the use of leftover cloth in a creative manner.

The two basic techniques utilized are known as Pujagi and Nubi in South Korea. In fact, there is an annual festival for the quilts in South Korea each year and it is possible to look up different designs online or when you visit the festival.

The first technique called Pujagi is utilized to create a patchwork mosaic. This style of quilt is crafted out of different materials, which can be mixed and matched for a stunning effect and feel. The ones crafted out of silk look absolutely exquisite.

The second technique is known as the Nubi, which joins a solid piece of cloth with another piece of cloth by stitching them in a straight-line pattern to attach them together.

There is no lining inside such as fur or cotton, which can be used for warmth. This simple technique was used to create a quilted piece of solid fabric by joining and inner and outer layers together in a neat manner.

Growing Popularity of South Korean Baby Quilt Patterns

Over the years cotton became very popular and most of the Korean quilting techniques spread rapidly once cotton was available to fill the layers used to make the quilt pattern.

This meant that the quilt could be used more often for providing warmth from the cotton wool stuffing between the two layers. Quilting provides a practical and highly useful option. It resulted in creating durable items such as clothing and quilts that can serve to protect people from the cold weather.

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