Brazilian Keratin Shampoo

Brazilian keratin shampoo is formulated for Keratin treated hair and is free from harmful sodium chloride and sulfates. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Shampoos come in different formulations for different hair textures, though the basic function is to create lather to emulsify dirt and oil. Specialty shampoos are available in various categories and they claim to possess properties beyond cleansing hair. These include anti-dandruff shampoos, straightening shampoos, shampoos with conditioners, dry shampoos and so on. Unlike traditional soap-based formulations, modern shampoos are far superior and formulated with chemicals and fragrances to create a balanced effect with regard to cleaning, shine and scalp factors. Brazilian Keratin shampoo is unique in this line as it contains latest and innovative formulations for amazing results.

Keratin shampoo content

Keratin shampoo is enriched with Keratin, which is a fibrous protein. Keratin is actually a natural ingredient of human hair and each hair consists of a series of flat cells containing Keratin. The hair gets its structure and strength from these filaments. A Keratin shampoo provides core strength and enhances the elasticity of hair. The amino acid of Keratin bonds to each strand and leaves a protective coating, which lasts long. As it is a natural protein, it rebuilds, rejuvenates and restores every type of hair.

Characteristics of Brazilian Keratin shampoo

The Brazilian Keratin shampoo is formulated to protect chemically treated hair and prolong the treatment’s effect. It is particularly used for hair that has undergone Brazilian Keratin straightening treatment. The formulation is free of sodium chloride and sulfates, making it a safe daily shampoo for any kind of hair. Sodium chloride is bad for Keratin treated hair as it washes it out quickly, and this is the reason why swimming in the sea is not recommended for Keratin treatment users. Excessive sweating and highly chlorinated swimming pools are also a problem for them. It is best to avoid Keratin shampoos that contain formaldehyde, which is a carcinogen and is likely to be absorbed into the skin.

Advantages of Brazilian Keratin shampoo over other shampoos

It is known that almost 95% of commercial shampoos contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which is a de-greaser and surfactant that binds to the dirt on the hair and scalp so that they are rinsed off while washing. However, when empty follicles are exposed to the sodium compound, they die and hence, new hair growth is inhibited. The sensitivity of people varies in this regard and the effect may be more adverse for some. The problem worsens if the hair is not thoroughly rinsed after shampooing. On the other hand, Brazilian Keratin shampoo creates a perfect environment for cleaning and repairing processed hair and is safe for daily use on permed or colored hair as well. It also contains smoothening agents that enhance the shine of the hair.

Brazilian keratin shampoo is a safe daily shampoo and contains cleaning and moisturizing formulae coupled with smoothening agents to add strength and style to your hair.

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