Korean Made Fender Guitars

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Fender guitars are considered the best musical instrument in their category. The amplifiers and Fender electric guitars made in Korea and other countries have revolutionized musical composition and playing.

Origin of Fender Electric Guitars Made in Korea

Initially musicians played the guitar on acoustic instruments especially those involved with the folk or blues genre of music. By the 1930’s the more innovative Jazz musicians started to experiment with  hollow-body guitars which produced an amplified sound. That was done in order for them to use the guitar in conjunction with additional instruments and match their sound level. However, a drawback to this as that the pickups and speakers generated feedback when played at high volumes.

Development of the Fender Amplifiers

In order to resolve this unwanted aspect of amplification, Leo Fender an inventor based in California developed customized guitars and amplifiers in his radio shop in the 1940’s. This changed the history of music in a massive way. He went on to introduce the first instrument amplifiers available in the market, which also had inbuilt tone controls.

Perfecting the Fender Electric Guitars

Basically this inventor concentrated on developing better-amplified, hollow bodied instruments. However, he ended up selling his company to a large corporation that spearheaded the success of this guitar on an international level. Using huge investment capital the company reinvented the Fender, which was later sold to a group of highly skilled musician who committed their lives to building the best guitar in the world.

In the initial years Fender guitars were only acquired from offshore manufacturers but quality control led to the establishment of different manufacturing facilities across the world. The basic administrative and marketing efforts were undertaken by the location in Arizona. However, the company went on to develop operations in Korea, China, and France, Germany as well as England and many other countries. Concentrating on R&D, the key focus was to expand the acoustic guitar range. In order to achieve this objective they established factories to produce South Korean made Fender guitars.

Importance of the Korean Alliances

Initially Fender guitars were producing acoustic guitar product lines in Korea and became market leaders for high-quality amplifiers for professional musicians. They went on to establish alliances with respected and credible manufacturers of musical instruments and acoustic guitars in Korea to ensure high quality processing and a quality finished product. Due to this strategic move a few decades ago the company started gaining the leading edge in this category.

After spending countless years on research and development, the Guild custom shop spread over 8000 ft.² was opened in Nashville. The company went on to buy out the DeArmond brand, which was famous for musical instruments in the year 1997. This company was merged with Guild. The resultant product was a line of high quality and affordable guitars along with basses that followed the Guild design specifications.

Each of these guitars are built as well as assembled in Korea and then sent back to Corona in Arizona. That is the spot where they are fitted with pickups made by DeArmond. The Korean made Fender guitars became popular in European and Asian markets and then the company started introducing them to consumers in the US as well as Canada.

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