Canadian Belt Knife

Do you want to know about the benefits of a Canadian belt knife? Are you interested in learning about the modern updates that a Canadian belt knife has? Read our guide for more facts and information…

The design of the Canadian belt knife was originally created by D.H. Russell in 1957. This original design from the 1950s still serves as the inspiration for the Canadian belt knife popular today. The original Canadian belt knife was designed to include a fixed blade that was also elliptical in shape. The Canadian belt knife also included a leather sheath to provide storage. D.H Russell intended the Canadian belt knife to be used by hunters and trappers as it is ideal for dressing game. The original D.H Russell Canadian belt knife is much more costly than the modern version; however, it is a highly effective and comfortable knife. The design of D.H Russell’s Canadian belt knife was the inspiration for the modern updates to well over 15 different companies.

Modern Style

The updated Canadian belt knife benefits from developments in the technological field. The modern Canadian belt knife has a 4 inch blade constructed of Krupp Stainless Steel to ensure a light weight tool. The elliptical profile combined with the material of the blade ensures that the Canadian belt knife glides easily through almost any material desired. The handle of the Canadian belt knife is also improved as it is formed from polypropylene. This material ensures that the handle allows for efficient use and provides a snug fit in the hand. Safety is also important to the Canadian belt knife as the handle is offset from the blade to protect the fingers.

The Canadian belt knife is a sturdy tool and is tough enough to endure some wear as well as bumps. The blade is overall, very slim and compact as the knife weighs a little over two ounces. The Canadian belt knife is also easily transportable as the Canadian belt knife comes with a pouch style black cordura sheath that allows for the knife to easily be carried on the belt or slung from the neck. The Canadian belt knife is a total of 8.5 inches in length.


The Canadian belt knife is an outdoor knife. Today, many users use the Canadian belt knife as an all purpose outdoor knife; however, it is intended for hunting. Many hunters make use of the Canadian belt knife for use in dressing game ranging from rabbit to deer. The Canadian belt knife is an excellent purchase for hunters and those who enjoy the outdoors but it can also be used as an excellent gift for outdoor adventurers. The Canadian belt knife is available from many local retailers as well as online. The Canadian belt knife retails for a price of about 25 Canadian dollars; however, it is recommended to shop around, particularly online as the Canadian belt knife can often be found on sale for less than retail value.


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