Korean Mastiff

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Korean Mastiff. Mee Kyun Dosa or the Dosa Inu

The Korean mastiff is a type of Molosser dog found in Korea. And is also sometimes known as Mee Kyun Dosa or the Dosa Inu. This breed was propagated from the Asian and European dog breeds during the 19th century. The French Dogue de Bordeaux, the Tosa Inu and English Mastiff were combined to create this breed. Which also has many characteristics in common with bloodhounds as well as Neapolitan mastiffs.

It has a heavily wrinkled skin and appearance which reminds one of a sluggish bloodhound. The Korean mastiff is by far the largest and heaviest dog found in the country and looks like a bigger version of the other mastiffs found across the world.

It is often mistaken for the Japanese mastiff but is not a fighting dog. However, a fighting version of this dog is a mixed breed between the Taiwanese and Korean strain of the Japanese Tosa. Most dog breeders agree that this breed of dog originated from crossbreeding of Asian and European dogs in the early 19th century.

However, the show version of the dog was created after decades of interbreeding and selection to produce the right color of coat as well as temperament. It is fair enough to say that the current Korean mastiff has evolved over the past five decades to its current state.

It has very large loose skin and is lethargic as well as sluggish in its movements. The large size is very alarming for most people and daunting for trespassers. However, this gentle giant as the dog is commonly called, can be trained to be obedient. A good friend to adults as well as children, the Korean mastiff can make a wonderful dog for senior citizens as well.

Description of The Korean Mastiff

This huge dog grows up to 74 cm in height at the shoulder and its fur is a lustrous orange, brown or red colored short furry one. The male breed of the Korean mastiff can weigh up to 80 kg while. The female reaches a weight of 72 kg which makes them both very heavy as compared to other dogs. They can be used for dog shows, as guard dogs or companions at home along with being very effective as watchdogs and offering great protection.

The dog is rarely found outside the Korean countries. It has a large head and a very round and large wrinkled face with lots of dewlap or skin hanging from the face, shoulders and hindquarters. The ears and lips are very large and hang loosely down the head of the dog. The strong neck is covered with folds of thick dewlap and the white chest stands out prominently.

Although the vibrant red and orange colors are popular. Some fans of the Korean mastiff prefer a deep chocolate brownish coat of fur. The males are large with slightly smaller females. Although there is not much difference between the two dogs in terms of their weight and size. The female Korean mastiff should have a distinct female appearance to set it apart and ensure that it is the right breed of Korean mastiff.

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