Korean Short Hair Perm

Considering a Korean short hair perm? Learn more about the wavy and straight Korean short hair perm to make the right selection…

The Korean short hair perm is perfect for Asian hair, which is thin and lanky. This type of style allows you to add body by utilizing the wave and get a slick finish by using the straightening system. The basic Korean short hair perm uses chemicals to break down the natural protein bond of your hair and then re-bond it by using either a straightening iron or curlers for creating the waves. These treatments are not very good and are silicon-based thereby introducing an artificial element your hair and making it vulnerable. However, if you must opt for the Korean short hair perm then it is effective if you select the top quality products and best salad expert.

Facts about the Korean Short Hair Perm

The Korean and Japanese products are highly rated in the market as they offer minimum damage and maximum results. The systems utilized ensure that the hair is flooded with ceramide, which helps the hair to stay moist and prevent it from getting damaged.

This chemical permeates each strand of hair to keep it healthy and lustrous. The gentle Korean short hair perm is not cheap and treatments start at $300. The time required for getting the entire treatment can range from 3 to 4 hours depending on the thickness and the length of the hair.

The treatment lasts for approximately 9 to 12 months and you’re required to get additional maintenance only on the new hair that grows from the roots. The previous hair that has already been treated will retain the straightness or the wave for one year duration.

Chemicals Used for Korean Short Hair Perm

The Korean short hair perm has become very popular as it’s a long-lasting treatment and keeps your hair looking silky and radiant for the whole year and is easy maintenance. When you utilize the straightening solution, your hair will be treated in three steps.

The first step is the addition of a straightening solution that breaks down the bond of the hair. The next one is the neutralizing solution, which re-bonds and then finally the conditioning solution, which adds in the ceramide and keratin, which is the protein that creates the immense shine in the hair. Ceramide helps in preventing damage as well as maintaining a healthy chemical balance in each strand of your hair.

Maintenance of the Korean Short Hair Perm

To start with, the hair must be trimmed into an ideal shape for the straightening Korean short hair perm with layers to complement the straight, or the wavy style. Once the treatment is completed you will simply have to wash it with special shampoo and conditioner for chemically treated hair. Also you must use  minimum styling products in order to retain the health of your hair and show the hairstyle and treatment at its best.

Suitable Hair Type for the Procedure

Any type of hair that has not been excessively treated with chemicals can be effectively treated with the Korean short hair perm. If your hair has gone through extensive chemical procedures or is totally bleached by hydrogen peroxide then this process is not recommended. If the Korean short hair perm is used on fragile hair, which has been treated by chemicals the entire head of hair will burn and be destroyed.

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