Wintec Icelandic Saddles

Wintec Icelandic saddle reviews are hard to find. If you’re looking to buy Wintec saddle parts then read our guide for facts and information…

Wintec Company entered the market in the 1980s and within years their saddles took the global market by storm. They offer various kinds of saddles to meet customer needs. The Wintec Icelandic saddle allows riders to adjust to the various paces of the Icelandic horse. They come in black colour, with an average weight of 5.45kg and have a size of 44cm or 17.5’’. Wintec Icelandic saddles are equipped with exclusive features to make sure the ride is a smooth one.

 Wintec Saddle Parts

  • Dee Rings to ensure maximum convenience for the riders by allowing attachments for longer distances.
  • They have uniquely positioned stirrup bars which allow greater weight distribution for different paces. They are positioned up to 5cm (2”) further back than other standard bars to balance the rider during the Tolt.
  • The suede knee insert has a soft texture so that the rider feels secure in the saddle by creating extra grip and comfort.
  • Crupper Dee can be used when required and is fitted at the rear of the saddle.
  • Your saddle comes with a CAIR Panel System which evenly distributes weight across the entire length of the panel and almost eliminates pressure points and provides shock and absorption. The panel easily adjusts with the horse’s muscle movement which freer movement for the horse.
  • With the Easy change gullet system your saddle can be custom fit within minutes. It allows on the spot adjusting of the saddle to fit over the horse’s wither. This keeps the horse comfortable as the saddle is fitted according to the horse’s changing shape.
  • The Wintec Tree provides a healthy and comfortable fit for the horse. It is designed to be rigid in the head to maintain clearance of the horses wither, whilst also possessing lateral flex to work with the horse’s muscular movement.
  • The Wintec trees are guaranteed for the lifetime of the saddle.

Wintec Saddles Reviews

Most riders who have tried out the Wintec and made subsequent reviews usually point to the following four features:

Easy care: The Wintec Icelandic saddle will save you time and hassle. Its Equileather needs very little maintenance and the horse hair and dirt easily wipe off.

Durability: Your saddle looks good longer as its equileather is abrasion resistant and extremely hardy which is ideal for heavy use in conditions that would otherwise have damaged the saddle.

Weatherproof: You can ride the Wintec Icelandic saddle in all weather conditions as it has a high UV resistance increasing its durability in warm climates. Also its equileather repels sweat and water.

Lightweight: Wintec saddles are light weight are make it easy for you to manage and is comfortable for your horse. Especially for long hours spent in the saddle. If you are thinking about buying the Wintec Icelandic saddle, then think no more as its features will make sure that your ride is as smooth as possible.

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