Korean Spice Viburnum

Planting the Korean Spice Viburnum? This popular Korean spice gives off a fragrant aroma and makes a beautiful addition to a garden landscape…

Viburnum is a well-known Korean spice, which is actually utilized in landscaping across the country. It can be classified as part of the Viburnum carlesii which are actually Korean spice viburnum shrubs. Also known as the Korean spicebush and Korean spice Viburnum, the shrub is often confused with another plant, the plain spicebush, which is known botanically as Lindera benzoin.

Korean Spice Viburnum – Classification of Plant

The Viburnum Korean spice bush can be classified in the category of flowery shrubs, which can, in turn, be classified under the deciduous plant category.

Korean Spice Viburnum Characteristics

Korean spice viburnum shrub grows up to an average height of 4 to 6 feet when they are fully matured and their spread is approximately the same size in width. When utilizing the Compactum cultivar for landscaping it is worth noting that the height of the Korean spice viburnum shrub is slightly smaller.

Very prominent pink colored buds are found growing in profusion on the shrub in early spring. The flowers bloom into a white colored flower with hints of pink in the spring. The clusters of white flowers are extremely fragrant and the great number of flowers lends a very aromatic and enchanting aroma to any landscape. In the summer months the small red berries are replaced by the blooms but in autumn the red berries turn into a dark color. The berries take on a deep blackish tinge as they dry and contrast beautifully with the foliage of the shrub during fall. Even though this display is quite unspectacular the color is very eye-catching. During fall the leaves of the shrub start turning reddish but eventually turn into deep purple colored leaves.

Korean Spice Viburnum Planting Zones

The Korean spice viburnum shrub grows well in zones four to seven and basically requires partial shade or complete sun. The ground has to be well-drained and slightly moist with a slightly acidic soil pH balance.

Korean Spice Viburnum Popularity

When considering a selection of fragrant flowers for landscaping the Korean spice viburnum shrub is ranked highest for its wonderful aroma. The flowers are perhaps the most popular blossoms which are planted for their fragrance.

Landscaping Placement

During spring the plant makes the perfect landscaping option. The exceptional fragrance can waft into the entrance of the house and find its way into the internal areas of the home by placing it close to the front and back door entrances of a house.

The heavy laden blossoms give off a rich aromatic fragrance which can carry through the house and be appreciated by anyone who passes the entryway landscaping near the house. Another popular use is to plant them as foundation shrubs because of their height and allow the wind to carry their fragrance throughout the garden. This fragrant shrub attracts caterpillars, which turn into blue butterflies during Spring season and utilize it as a source of nourishment. Wild birds are commonly seen flocking to the Korean spice viburnum shrubs to pick on the berries.

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