Climate in Florida

Want to know more about the Climate in Florida? The following article gives a general overview of weather in the ‘Sunshine State’…

Florida has not been nicknamed the ‘Sunshine State’ for nothing…. The beautiful climate in Florida is certainly one of the reasons why Florida makes such a great vacation destination.

In fact, it is likely that the original inhabitants of Florida were attracted to Florida by the welcoming and predictable climate.

Clearly Florida is a large place and for that reason, the following article provides a general overview to the climate only and is not intended to be definitive.  For anyone intending to take a vacation in Florida, it is suggested that in addition to doing general climate research that local weather websites are also accessed for five or ten day forecasts.

In general, summers in Florida last for approximately six months and temperatures typically average at least 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only is the climate very hot, it is also very humid and humidity measures are usually at least 50%.

Not only does the climate in Florida benefit from the extended warmth, but it also offers those taking a vacation in Florida to experience regular thunderstorms just before tea time most days. This certainly adds to the excitement and the appeal of the stay.

Clearly, the climate in Florida cannot maintain such high levels of humidity without accompanying rainfall and as such, the climate affords residents and vacationers with at least 50 inches of rain a year.  Much of this rain accompanies the thunderstorms mentioned above. The rainy season in Florida has a tropical feel to it and starts around May and continues until November. Typically, the rain starts quickly with very little warning and can cause flooding very quickly.  However, most individuals are appreciative of the rain once it has passed as it certainly cools the air and helps the humid climate to feel more bearable.

Winters are usually quite mild and cold spells are unusual. The Northern part of Florida certainly has a far colder climate during the winter than its counterparts elsewhere in Florida and temperatures can fall to the teens – which is extremely cold for Florida!

In all however, most individuals taking a vacation in Florida do so because of the welcoming climate and very few are disappointed ….

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