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The Korean drama The Last Scandal of My Life is a romantic TV drama aired in Korea during 2008. The cast members include leading Korean actors and actresses Choi Jin Shil who plays the role of Hong Sun Hee, Jung Joon Ho portraying Song Jae Bin, Byun Jung Soo playing Lee Na Yoon and finally Jung Woong In Two takes the role of Jang Dong Hwa.

The Unique Storyline of the Korean Drama

Korean dramas are famous for their use of celebrities to play different roles in their television dramas. They are usually restricted to young and cheerful people but as a deviation from the common run-of-the-mill stories this year focuses on middle-aged women who are known as ‘ajumma’ in Korea. They are considered married women of middle-age who have a fearless attitude and strong yet dependable characteristics.

Synopsis of the Storyline of The Last Scandal

Full of humor, humanity and compassion this drama reveals the life of Hong Seon-hee who has been married for over a decade and lives with her in-laws, husband and their 13-year-old daughter.

However, her life takes a sad turn when her husband shuns his responsibility and runs away leaving her to take care of his parents and their child.
She struggles to provide for the family and as fate would have it runs into her ex classmate Song Jae-bin and re-lives her past with the first love blossoming again. The young man is shown as a celebrity in Korea while the woman is considered a stubborn ajumma.

It shows how this dependable and strong woman becomes helpless and hopeless. This mainly happened when it comes to handling the situation pertaining to Song and the ensuing romance. The main theme of the serial is to infuse motivation into people who seem to consider that all is lost when their good days in life change into turbulent ones.
The former love of Jeoung is played by Byeon while Jung plays the role of the brother of Jeong who holds the position of CEO at his agency. There are many emotional ups and downs portrayed beautifully by Song and the cast members each portray their role with full conviction that makes for a wholesome and realistic storyline.

Faced with a difficult situation in handling her child, in-laws and also fending for the household, this young woman becomes very determined and is quite fearless. However, being a woman that is hopelessly falling in love with her ex-classmate she becomes confused and her emotions vary from ecstasy to a feeling of impending doom.
This 16 episode TV South Korean: drama became extremely popular with audiences in the local communities as well as reaching international acclaim for its beautiful portrayal of a woman faced with such issues.

In such conservative and traditional societies one would expect women to lose hope completely and depend on a male figure in order to get out of their lamentable state of abandonment.

However, this sensible woman reflects the strength of Korean society and its individuals who each have their own respect and status in society. A woman who was once married and taken care of was suddenly abandoned. Instead of simply wallowing in self-pity and destroying her life she shows fearless courage, which says a lot about the sometimes admirable societal structure of Korea.

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