German Army Sneakers

German Army sneakers are lightweight athletic shoes with pliable rubber soles, and were used by the German Army troops as training shoes in the 1970’s. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Sneakers came into existence in the year 1893, and as the name indicates, they are hardly heard on hard surfaces as their rubber soles diminish their squeakiness. They are basically training shoes and are referred to as trainers as well. Adidas, Nike, Puma and Reebok are among the popular brands of sneakers, and Adidas is renowned for having supplied sneakers for the German Army during the war period of the 20th century.

The army and shoes

Wars have greatly influenced shoe-designing as warfare required rough use of shoes. Army shoes should withstand hard marching over differing terrains such as mud, snow and severe weather conditions. Soldiers wore two main types of shoes namely, standard GI shoes and high-topped combat boots. Besides, there were several other types worn for various purposes. Army sneakers were designed to add comfort and grip during training. Sports sneakers and shoes derived their style and comfort from army designs. Canvas tennis shoes did not provide adequate protection during long distance races, and sneakers formed a better alternative.

Features of German Army sneakers

Typically, these sneakers have a flexible rubber sole with light-weight cushion-lining on the interior.  The whole structure, starting from the toe cap to the heel panel is uniquely soft, and the slim and elegant appearance is quite appealing.  The original brands worn by the army soldiers during the 1970’s were mostly in beige, though the current trend has led to the incorporation of several colors. The various parts such as the body, sole and tongue come in different colors making unique color combinations. The classic modes are reproduced today portraying the authenticity of the original product. With proper aeration, the material is safe on the feet even when worn for long durations.

Contemporary German Army sneakers

These sneakers have made their way into casual footwear, owing to their features of comfort and durability. The wide color palette of German Army sneakers are versatile and suit any kind of outfit. Their re-introduction has not only made a great impact in the fashion world but has also revived the legendary models. Further, they are quite adaptable and can be worn anytime be it work or play, and suit both the old and young alike.  Popular as athletic shoes and referred to as daps, sport shoes or gym shoes, they are associated with health benefits. Besides pliability, lightweight and comfort, the well-padded mid-sole allows excellent shock absorbing properties.

German Army sneakers or trainers are high-performance military shoes which have crept into the world of sports footwear and casual footwear as well.

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