Mawang Korean Drama

Interested in Mawang the Korean drama? Learn more about the Korean drama focusing on the devil also known as Lucifer…

The term Mawang comes from the Hangul language of Korea and translates into the devil. This popular TV serial was a leading production of Olive 9 and it aired on the KBS2 network in 2007. The TV serial stars Uhm Tae Woong, Shin Mina and Joo Ji Hoon as the main characters.

Korean actor Uhm Tae Woong plays the lead role of Gang Oh Soo. He is a very outspoken policeman who handles crime and violence cases exclusively. He is shown to be a very determined and a courageous character.

Hailing from a rich family and one of the sons of a famous politician he has a checkered past. He was involved in causing the death of his friend by stabbing him and was always considered a troublemaker in his younger years. However after the killing he moved away and went on to pay for his crimes and atone for his dark past.

The next character introduced in the TV serial is that of Shin Mina who plays the role of Seo Hae In. Her character is shown to be a humorous and cheerful librarian with secret psychic powers. She discovered her secret gift at the age of 12 and has taken care of her deaf mother since her father passed away. She’s very skilled at the use of tarot cards.

The third character played by Joo Ji Hoon is known as Oh Seung Ha who perfectly suits the role of a pro bono lawyer who takes on cases of underprivileged poor people who need legal help. He’s empathetic and has a keen knack for problem-solving and identifying issues. However, his older brother died 12 years ago and as a result their mother also died from shock. He’s been distraught since. He has changed his real identity and without a proper education has gone on to become a lawyer by passing a test. He’s planning to avenge his mother’s death and prepares endlessly for that.

Interlinked Characters in Mawang the Korean Drama

The stories of these three characters seem to be individually separate but the three of them did come together in the past exactly 12 years ago. That was the day when the policeman Kang Oh Soo along with three of his friends managed to kill a student by stabbing him. The student was calledJeong Tae Hong and was actually the elder brother of the lawyer. The lawyer plays the role of a caring and kind person who fights for the rights of the poor who have suffered injustice at the hands of high-handed and rich people.

The young girl who is now shown as a librarian was the unfortunate witness at the crime scene. At the age of 12 she was a young girl standing at the crime scene holding a candy in her hand as the police car arrived. That is when and where she discovered her psychic powers and secretly started using them to help solve cases of crime and violence.

The young lawyer although helping out those suffering from injustice is secretly plotting revenge behind Kang Oh Soo’s back to avenge the murder of his brother. Since Kang Oh Soo was the son of a politician and had the money to let him off, he was never prosecuted for the murder of the young student. The young lawyer hopes to set the record straight as the story unfolds.

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