Nautical Themed Pashmina Afghan

So you saw the Saturday Night Live skit “I’m on a Boat” and loved the nautical themed pashmina Afghan. Now you feel you just have to have one for yourself. For more facts and instructions, read our guide…

Pashmina is a type of very expensive wool that comes from the Pashmina goat that is native to the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The article of clothing that was worn on SNL was a scarf made from this material. The really bad news is that if you want a nautical themed pashmina Afghan, you may have to wait awhile until some company sees the demand and they go into production, or if you are really crafty, you can make one yourself.

Things You Will Need

The first thing that you will need is a navy blue pashmina scarf. You can either buy this or make it yourself, as scarves are not that hard to knit, especially in a solid pattern. You will also need anchor appliqués, pins, a needle and navy thread.


You want the anchors to appear in the correct places on the pashmina scarf, so put it around your neck and arrange it to fold just as you like it. Next put the anchor appliqués on the surface of the pashmina to show them as you would like for them to be seen. You will want the anchors to be mostly on the ends and on the part that will be nearest your face so that they are shown to the best advantage. Then simply pin the appliqués in place and remove the scarf from your neck.

Now take a fine needle and thread and stitch each anchor appliqué to the scarf. Make sure that you use tiny stitches so that they won’t show. You need not worry about any uneven spacing between the anchors. Remember you placed them where you wanted them when you had the scarf on. That is how people will see it, not as it looks unfolded and unworn.

The last step is to place the nautical themed pashmina Afghan around your neck. Arrange it and fold it as you did in the first step, making sure that the anchors are in line as you wished them to be. If so, go ahead and wear the Afghan proudly knowing that you have a wardrobe article that no one else has.

You have now basically completed the nautical themed pashmina afghan. Be prepared to answer numerous questions from your friends who also saw Saturday Night Live and want a pashmina Afghan for themselves. Do you tell them how you got the Afghan and how easy it was to make? Probably not, as you most likely want to stand out from the crowd with this unique pashmina Afghan.

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