Denmark Souvenirs

Looking for exciting Danish souvenirs? Learn more about the beautiful array of souvenirs from museums and shops in Denmark….

Denmark is known for many cultural reasons. There are easily hundreds of souvenirs to choose from when visiting Denmark. Traditionally the rich classical tales and royal heritage create a good base for Denmark souvenirs. When it comes to literary figures then the tale of the Ugly Duckling comes to mind. The Ugly Duckling is part of many an ornament. The mother duck is made out of white ceramic and is followed by four chicks in yellow color. These are delivered in a beautiful gift box with a straw inside. You can also get an Easter hen and rooster. The chicken ceramic figures are an excellent Easter decoration. Some of the other ceramic figures include a ladybug on a mobile. You can also get a special card with the guard and Danish flag on it.

Since the swan is the Danish national bird. You can also get beautiful cards designed with this element. Also included are mobile and paper cutouts which can be hung in doorways. These are accompanied by the Danish national flag. This is a typical decoration which is utilized all year round in Denmark.

An interesting piece of art is pixie 2009. It is a relaxing Christmas figurine known as pixie of the year. It is today a collector’s item in Denmark and across the world. The new design is created every year and therefore a special piece. A brightly colored red clothing pixie reclines casually in this element.

Anne Beate Nisse

This is one of the oldest figurine creation companies. The woman’s image of 2009 is a beautiful tribute. It is a very small pixie with a maximum height of 11 cm. The young woman has a Berlin Hat, woolen skirt and sweater. The metal shoes are perfect and guarantee that the balance for standing and sitting are constantly there. The pixies are completely hand-made and the faces are hand-painted. Every year new pixies are made. But the oldest ones are 40 years old. The first two pixies were “Little Boy with Sack” and “Girl with Bell. They’re still crafted over and over today.

The Little Mermaid Mobile

This is a metallic mobile which has the Mermaid character hanging off solid pieces of metal. The words Hans Christian Andersen and Denmark are printed out on the semicircular bands on top. The Little Mermaid is another character from Denmark and is part of the souvenir. Hans Christian Andersen was the writer who created this theme. You can get a mobile with mixed elements from this story.

If you’re looking for high-end souvenirs why not visit the Danish Museum? Here you can purchase a small piece of Danish history like the enameled Dagmar cross pendant. This beautiful original pendant is available at The National Museum in Copenhagen and you can get a replica. Queen Dagmar was the Queen Denmark and the first spouse of King Valdemar II. She hailed from Bohemia and ruled in the late 12th century.

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