My Girl Korean Drama

Watching the famed My Girl South Korean drama? Learn more about the exciting storyline of this popular drama with a stellar cast…

The Korean TV drama My Girl was produced and broadcast in South Korea by the Seoul Broadcasting System and was aired from the end of 2005 to the beginning of 2006. It had popular Korean TV stars that had successfully finished a prior series, which is still rated among the top 10. The stars included Jae Hee as well as Han Chae Young who had established their credibility among audiences with their previous acting experiences.

The Roles of the Cast in My Girl

The lead protagonist of the TV drama is played by Lee and called Joo Yoo Rin. She is a tour guide in a tour bus company that functions in the Jeju Island in South Korea. While her father racks up gambling debts she works hard to pay off all his debts while maintaining a humble and simple lifestyle.

She is fond of her father and his company is enough compensation for her. However, they keep escaping his debtors by moving from the country to areas like Japan and China. Eventually she settles down in Seoul and utilizes the languages she learned while on the run to facilitate her job as a tour guide.

Lee Dong Wook takes his part as Seol Gong Chan and fits the role of the multimillionaire heir to the L’Avenuel Hotel like a glove. His grandfather had disowned his aunt when she married a man of her own choice.

He goes on to authorize Seol Woong to search for the child that his daughter had given birth to. Since his daughter lived in an area, which was devastated by an earthquake he really wants to find her and make amends.

The girlfriend of Seol Gong Chan is played by Kim Seohyun who is an internationally renowned tennis champion who comes back home to South Korea to reconnect with her estranged boyfriend. Seo Jung Woong plays the best friend of Seol and is also a major stakeholder in the hotel.

The Storyline of the Korean Drama My Girl

The exciting TV serial starts with Yoo Rin pretending that her fictitious boyfriend is leaving on a jet plane in order to delay the flight and help her friend and the tourists catch the plane. She cannot do much once they board the plane so she simply faints next to the leading male Seol Gong Chan, which makes this their first interaction.
Coincidentally he has hired her as the Chinese interpreter for some investors and she does her job well. However, she seems to rub him the wrong way by taking any freebies like living in the hotel for free or selling oranges from its fruit orchard to pay off her father’s debt.

Seol’s dying grandfather wishes to see the aunt at his deathbed. However, he hires Yoo Rin to play the role of his granddaughter. She disagrees immediately but after a lot of begging from Seol she agrees primarily because she will get a substantial amount of money to keep the secret. Her easy-going nature revives the grandfather’s health while Seol concentrates on searching for the real family. With so much respect and love found at the Gong Chans family as depicted in the play, the lead actress is shown to change from a trickster into a mature person.

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