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Going on vacation to Mexico? Driving through Matamoros? Want to know about places to stay & things to do in Matamoros? Our guide to this bustling Mexican border town gives you the facts & information you want to know. Matmaoros Geogrpahy

Mexico is a country with a rich culture, vibrant lifestyle, lively festivals and a huge diversity in scenic beauty. Heroica Matamoras, commonly known as Matamoras, is a famous city located on the Gulf Coast in the Northeast Mexican state of Tamaulipas. Heroica Matamoros is almost 621 miles away from Mexico City and 354 miles from Brownsville, Texas. Geographically, it is located at 25°52′N, 97°30′W. Matamoros has been nicknamed as “The Gateway City” & “The City under Seven Flags”. It has a population of 422,711 according to the census of 2003. General Servando Canales International Airport connects Matamoros to the rest of the world by air.

History of Matamoros

Heroica Mataomoros has a long history to its name. The city itself was founded in 1686. Its name changed from one to another until in 1826, Governor Lucas Fernández issued a new name to Villa del Refugio as Villa de Matamoros, in honor of the hero for Mexican Independence don Mariano Matamoros and elevated it to the status of city. In 1851 the city of Matamoros was heroically defended against aggressors. The troops under General Francisco Ávalos and Mayor Macedonio Capistrán managed to turn the enemy back. So, to refer to this heroic victory, there comes Heroic or Heroica before Matamoros.

Today, the main economic activities of the city are trade, services and agriculture. Corn, cotton and sorghum are its famous crops.
Things to do in Matamoros

The city of Matamoros truly depicts the exciting and colourful life of Mexico. Museums, restaurants, shopping markets and even streets are bustling with cheerful and friendly people. Rich in culture and history, it is full of wonderful places worth seeing. Some must-see places are:

1. Matamoros Catholic Cathedral: Built in the 1700s, it is a majestically beautiful heritage site.
2. Plaza Hidalgo: Built in 1826, it is named after Miguel Hidalgo, who initiated Mexico’s independence from Spain.
3. Casa Mata Museum: It was completed in 1830 and was used during the Mexican revolt of 1915.

Apart from these, The Great Gate into Mexico monument, Olymic culture center and Bagdad Beach in Matamoros Municipality are also worth seeing. However, the best thing is to be able to attend a Mexican festival during your stay, which is definitely not very difficult as there are a number of festivals each month. Festivities include traditional delicious spicy food, dancing in traditional costumes and having lots and lots of fun. Local people are extremely friendly and welcome outsiders with open arms.

Shopping in Matamoras

Shopping is another thing you are bound to enjoy as the prices are cheaper and lots of handicrafts are available. You can find wonderful bargains in pottery, leather goods, silver jewelry, woven rugs, hand-blown glass and much more. It truly is a shopping paradise.
You can choose between a huge number of hotels to stay at. The average price for a family room for a two night stay is $190. The price goes up or down on the basis of various facilities and locality.

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