Long Beach Grand Prix 2010

Thrilled by the Long Beach Grand Prix 2009? Learn more about the 2009 Long Beach Grand Prix and the exciting Toyota motors Grand Prix of Long Beach…

The Long Beach Grand Prix 2009 was organized by Toyota. It is known as the Georgia Grand Prix of Long Beach. The race is run on a street circuit and is for open view vehicles. The founder and promoter of the Grand Prix is Long Beach’s Christopher Pook. Considered one of the premier circuits in the champ car since 1996, it was actually the first event in the World Series since 2004. The events moved on to be called the Champ Cars, which were converted into the Indy Racing League and subsequently the Indy Car series. In April the entire city is abuzz with preparations for the event.

The major event to be organized during the Grand Prix includes the Indy Car light race, American lead man series and the celebrity race along with the Atlantic race. It is always announced by Bruce Flanders and guest announcers since 1978.

The Circuit for The Long Beach Grand Prix 2009

The entire circuit length is 3.167 km and is temporarily carved out of the streets in the city that surround the Convention Center in Long Beach. The last section is exceptionally notable with a sharp hair pin turn. This is followed through by a slightly curved front and it runs the length of the Shoreline Drive. The scenic track has trees across its side and especially around the front straightaway. The entire circuit is located around the Long Beach waterfront and makes for a beautiful venue.

The major event is the Iron Indy Car series, and runs the Long Beach Grand Prix and the Grand Prix of Long Beach. Even though there is a lot of focus on the Iron, there are other races that catch everyone’s attention, such as the drifting. This is when the formula D. drifting series was inculcated since 2005. In this event the participants and drivers control their cars to move them sideways across the tracks.

The winner of the 2009 Long Beach Grand Prix for the Indy Car series was British driver, Dario Franchitti. His vehicle of choice was the Honda. The Atlantic and Indy Car lights were discontinued before 2009. However, the Lead Man series in America showed the lead winners as the duo Gil de Ferran and Simon Pagenaud.

Television Coverage of The 2009 Long Beach Grand Prix

The Long Beach Grand Prix 2009 was covered by the US TV channel, Versus. The lap by lap commentary was given by Bob Jenkins, while the driver analysts were Jon Beekhuis and Robbie Buhl. The pitch reporters for the 2009 Grand Prix held in Long Beach were Jack Arute, Robbie Floyd, & Lindy Thackston.

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