Nochistlan Zacatecas Mexico

Going on vacation to Mexico? Passing through Nochistlan in Zacatecas? Our guide to Nochistlan in Zacatecas Mexico gives you information on the local economy, people, religion, culture and more.

Zacatecas has another pride of its own—Nochistlan. The Caxcanes founded the town of Nochistlan, which is among the improving municipalities of Zacatecas in the state of Mexico.  The Caxcanes of Nochistlan settled in the municipality after the Tecuexe. The Caxcanes drove the Tecuexe out by force. From then on, the Caxcanes occupied the area now known as Nochistlan.  Populated by approximately 26,000 inhabitants, Nochistlan has a very diverse cultural heritage from natives and foreigners who decided to settle in the town. Nochistlan is one of the 58 territorial municipalities of Zacatecas in Mexico. The people of Nochistlan either live in nearby farms and rural areas while the others live inside the central district of the town.

Nochistlan Economy

Similar to other settlements in Zacatecas, Nochistlan also depends on agricultural activities as one of the sources of local government income. Other sources of revenue originate from modest tourism, small and medium scale entrepreneurial ventures and native handicrafts and metal works. Nochistlan also shares the major crops raised in other places in the Zacatecas region. Like the rest of Mexico, Nochistlan is a predominantly Catholic place. The churches, some of them built over a hundred years ago, are active places of worship. Scheduled pilgrimages are held in these churches and cathedrals which are seasons that bring increased tourism to the Nochistlan municipality.

Nochistlan Weather Mexico

Rainfall is moderate in Nochistlan but people have devised ways to maximize the use of relatively limited rainfall. Modern farming and livestock raising methods have also been applied by farmers and poultry raisers to improve productivity. The people of Nochistlan, Zacatecas in the state of Mexico are also fond of celebrating major events. They give homage to church patron Saints on a yearly basis. During these festivities, the town of Nochistlan becomes even more vibrant and blissful. There are parties and parades while other people attend masses to give thanks to various parish patron Saints.

Transportation and industrial activities are relatively active in the central district of Nochistlan. Major means of transportation include cars, trucks and buses. Horses are also popular means of transportation especially in the rural areas. Nochistlan is truly a place that gives you an all-original feeling that is unparalleled in a sense. The meaningful diversity of the inhabitants of Nochistlan and effective use of people and of the resources provided by nature, though to a great extent is limited, make Nochistlan a prospect for development and modernization. So, why not visit Nochistlan today and see for yourself the uniqueness of its beauty.

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