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Boys Over Flowers is a love story based on the famous Japanese comic book. It revolves around the poor girl Jan-di who is a very good student and a very vibrant and just person. On a scholarship she gets to transfer into a very elitist school and comes across four very rich bullies. Through her feisty and endearing nature she manages to make most of them give up their bad attitudes and become better people thereby developing good bonds of friendship and even romance.

South Korean Actors and Actress in Boys Over Flowers

The different South Korean actors in Boys Over Flowers include the female protagonist played by actress Joo Hye-seon in the role of Jan-di. She was the swimming champion in her school, which didn’t even have a swimming pool. During her visit to the prestigious high school Shin Hwa she manages to rescue a student from the swimming pool during an attempted suicide. That high school awards her with a scholarship however she does not want to be part of the rich and haughty crowd over there. But in order to secure a better future she joins the school and starts getting bullied when saving her classmate from the other school bullies who have formed a group called F4. She is bullied by the entire school thereafter.

Boys Over Flowers -F4 South Korean actors

Each of the characters portrayed by the South Korean actors in Boys Over Flowers at one point in their life has undergone some sort of serious trauma. From being neglected children to losing parents at an early stage in life, the boys who are part of F4 group to band together and this keep thems strong.

The leader of the F4 group is heir to the largest business dynasty in South Korea. The Korean actor Lee Min-ho plays the role of Joon-pyo who is a young boy from a rich family and completely neglected by his parents. He becomes the school bully and traumatizes everyone because he is a martial arts specialist. However, he is afraid of swimming because he actually was kidnapped and almost drowned in the past. He also had an older sister called Jun-hee who drowned. He starts to fall in love with Jan di but soon he finds out that Jan-di prefers Ji-hu another boy who is part of the F4 group.
The Korean actor Kim Hyun-jeong plays the role of the young boy Ji-hoo. He is shown as the grandson of a former South Korean president and is very attractive. His parents died in a car accident when he was five years old and he becomes a very harsh and hardhearted person.

Kim Beom plays the role of So I-jeong who is exceptionally talented but suffers from an inferiority complex and makes him a playboy looking out for true love.

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