Thank You Korean Drama

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Thank You is a Korean drama aired by MBC network. The 16 episodes were broadcast from March 2007 to May 2007. The cast included leading Korean actors Jang Hyuk playing the lead protagonist; Min Gi Seo, Gong Hyo Jin as the counterpart; Lee Young Shin, Shin Sung Rok playing the role of Choi Suk Hyun, while Kim Sung Eun plays the character of Suh Eun Hee and finally Seo Shin Ae truly shines in the role of Lee Bom. The screenplay of the Korean drama was written by Lee Kyung Hee.

The Shocking Storyline of Thank You The Korean Drama

This beautiful story focuses on a very taboo subject, which is AIDS. The protagonist in the soap opera is a doctor named Min Gi Seo. This highly gifted doctor brought life to near-death patients, but could not manage to save his beloved from cancer. This broke him down and he give up much of his career when he was defeated while trying to save the life of his beloved. The realization that a doctor is not all-powerful really crushed his spirit.

The most shocking aspect comes when Cha Ji Min reveals to the doctor that she accidentally has infected one of her patients with AIDS, but is afraid to admit her mistake as a doctor. As a favor she asks the lead protagonist to search for the girl and apologize on her behalf. The doctor gives up his profession and moves in with a family whom Young Shin is a part of. One of the characters named Bom plays the role of a little girl who wins his heart. The doctor while taking on a rough and crude manner to deal with his grief is constantly put in situations where he has to bring comfort and assist different people. Helping the young child that he lives with and an aged gentleman only helps his innately caring and compassionate nature to come through.

The old mother played by Young Shin breaks his heart when one morning Gi Seo the doctor finds her crying next to him. He sees her as his ward and comforts her while she questions the kind of life he’s living. A charming aspect the drama is that the dramatic scenes are intermingled with comedy as well as romance provided by the old grandfather, a young child and the young lady whom he thinks of as being under his guardianship. A romance blossoms between Young Shin and Gi Seo very intimately. It shows the different aspects of how a whole family is affected when one of the members contends with a terrible disease like AIDS. The young child named Bom is mercilessly bullied at school and by strangers for carrying the disease. However, the family brings together hope and shows the bonds of blood coming through.

Another aspect of the drama is that the young lady who’s falling for the doctor rejects a lot of suitors because her grandfather whom she cares for has Alzheimer’s disease. That means that anyone marrying her would have to take care of the old gentleman also. She refused to send him to the nursing home and found him inspirational and influential in her life. Sad reality is mingled with the beauty of life in a gentle balance in this wonderful show. Aptly titled Thank You, this Korean drama and touches everyone’s heart profoundly with its dramatic themes and story lines. Moving completely away from the clichéd romantic or overly dramatic and unrealistic TV serials, the writer brings forward a simple and sincere story for everyone to enjoy and cherish.

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