Irish Flag Tattoos

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Stylish Irish Flag Tattoos

The national flag of Ireland consists of three colours in equal vertical bands. The colours of the Irish flag are green, white and orange and the flag in its present form was adopted in 1919. The flag is commonly known as the tri-colour. Each colour on the Irish flag has a specific symbolism attached to it. Green represents Nationalism and white stands for Peace. Orange is representative of Unionism. Hence, the Irish flag symbolises the Peace between the Unionists and the Nationalists. Irish flag tattoos would generally follow the tri-colours of the modern Irish flag.

The standard of the President of Ireland is an Irish flag with a blue background. Imprinted on the flag is a silver stringed gold harp. It was based on the coat of arms of Ireland. The blue colour symbolises Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Prior to the 20th century, Saint Patrick was often depicted in blue robes. Thus this Irish flag is commonly taken to reflect the ‘Ancient Colours of Ireland.’ Hence, Irish flag tattoos depicting the blue Irish flag hark back to more traditional connotations of the Irish heritage.

There are no statutory requirements for observing the guidelines, issued by the Department of Taoiseach, on giving due respect to the Irish flag. Irish flag tattoos can therefore depict either the national Irish flag or the President’s flag. Normally, the Irish have great pride for their heritage and may opt for erasable Irish flag tattoos instead of permanent ones, especially when cheering the Irish rugby team at the stadium.

Common Flag Tattoos

Patriotic flag tattoos were common during the wartime era. Soldiers would ink this symbol of their homeland as a reminder of their commitment to the war effort. During the days of the sailing ship, flag tattoos depicting the pirates’ skulls and bones were inscribed on the arm of many sea faring private profiteers as a symbol of allegiance to their particular way of life.

Taking a page out of the history of flag tattoos, Irish flag tattoos can be either conventional or esoteric in design. By manipulating the distinctive symbol of the harp of the Presidents flag or inter-twining the tri-colour into a Celtic design, Irish flag tattoos can be highly elaborate and colourful affairs.

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