Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

Want to buy the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf? Read on for facts and info on this special bullion coin and the various forms in which it is available in the market…

The Canadian gold maple leaf is regarded as being the official bullion gold coin for the country. The Royal Canadian mint is credited for producing this spectacular gold coin. The man behind the development and design of these gold coins was Walter Ott.

The Canadian gold maple leaf is counted amongst the purist gold coins of the world ever to be used in regular issue. They have an impressive gold content of .9999 fineness and are made using 24 karat gold. Some varieties of the Canadian Gold Maple leaf are free from any base metals whatsoever and are made using exclusively mined Gold from Canadian gold mines.

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf History

The first ever Canadian Gold Maple leaf was developed in 1979. Prior to the introduction of this gold coin Krugrrand were the only available bullion coins. Even this coin was not easily available at the time. This was largely because of the economic boycott of the apartheid era in South Africa.

The coin is currently available in a number of different denominations including 1/20 oz, 1/10, ¼, ½ and 1 oz. The particular gold content is clearly stated in Troy ounces and is guaranteed by the mintage house. In Canada these coins have legal tender status. However since they are made using gold their face value is much less than their actual worth which makes them purely symbolic coins

The coins that fall between the bracket of 1/20 and ½ oz have an identical design. Apart from the markings on the reverse and obverse sides that indicate the face value and weight of the coin all of them seem to have a similar design including the one troy gold coin. In 1994 a number of denominations of the coin were introduced with a face value of two dollars. The purpose of introducing these coins was to make use of them in jewelry. However they were not very successful and these coins were not minted in the years to come.

Canadian Maple Leaf Variations

In 1988 the Maple leaf coins in Canada were struck in .9995 fine platinum. These coins had the same weight as well as the same face value as their gold counterparts. The unique maple leaf coin in silver was also struck in 1988 which had .9999 fine silver content. Another new addition to the maple leaf collection was the .9995 fine Palladium Maple leaf which was introduced in 2005. This special coin had the face value of $50 and is subject to the federal GST of Canada.

Million Dollar Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin

2007 saw the introduction of a really special Gold Maple leaf coin that had a face value of $1 million. The gold content of this coin was actually worth more than $2 million at that time. The spectacular coin measured a staggering 50 cm in diameter and was about 3 inches thick. The large sized coins weighed in at 100 kg and was 99.999% pure.

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