Witch Yoo Hee Korean Drama

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The Korean drama Witch Yoo Hee is available in English subtitles for international viewers who do not speak the Korean language. This popular TV series is at the top of many local ratings and eventually became successful globally with fans of Korean TV dramas.

Synopsis of the Korean Drama Witch Yoo Hee

The focal point of this TV program is the young lady Ma Yoo-Hee the role of whom is enacted by South Korean actress Han Ga In. Her character is portrayed as a young and immensely beautiful woman in her 20s. She is shown as an extremely talented and successful career person. However, she lacks any talent when it comes to understanding and accepting the fact that love and relationships are necessary and require skill and effort born out of innate qualities. As the only child of an advertising company owner she feels she has to prove her mettle and works hard to be an efficient and reliable advertisement planner.

Cast Members and Characters in Witch Yoo-Hee

Ma Yoo-Hee is very exacting when it comes to administering the business and is considered a very independent person who can take charge of all the issues at hand. For this reason she is called the ‘witch’ at the office. Hence the name of the program is Witch Yoo-Hee.

Initially one might mistake the title of this TV program as being about a television drama based on witchcraft. However, it simply speaks about the main characters personality as viewed by her staff members. Even though she’s very successful at her business she lacks romance in her heart.

She has studied in the United States of America but upon her return to South Korea she wants to impress a young man called Yoo Joon-Ha. This person is shown as the person whom she considers to be her first love. Popular Korean actor Kim Jung Hoon plays this character.

Another character introduced into the television program Witch Yoo-Hee is that of an aspiring chef called Chae Moo-Ryong. Leading Korean actor Jae Hee handles that role. He beautifully executes the role of an aspiring and talented chef who is very good at tasting and mixing ingredients to create wonderful food that appeals to everyone. He takes on the task of playing the love coach of the successful businesswoman Ma Yoo Hee. As a television program progresses we see how his efforts will subsequently change the life of Ma Yoo-Hee on a permanent basis.

The three other characters that play integral roles in this television program include Johnny Kruger played by Dennis Oh who returned to Korea after gaining tremendous popularity as a French Chef based in New York. He dislikes his celebrity status and focuses on his cooking skills in South Korea. Working as a matchmaker for Ma Yoo-Hee and Chae Moo-Ryong is his other passion!

Yoo Joon-Ha is a very ambitious and coldhearted surgeon. His main focus in life is to achieve success in his profession rather than focus on other aspects of life. He is known to betray the most important and precious people in his life just to achieve his goal in terms of his career.

Finally the young lady played by Jeon Hye Bin is shown as a very intelligent and kind young girl called Nam Seung-Mi who concentrates on her married life. She’s introduced as a loyal and smart woman who is also the ex-girlfriend of Chae Moo-Ryong.

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