Swedish Recliner Chairs

Swedish recliner chairs exhibit a luxurious seating style, predominantly made of leather, and offer handy and convenient features that may be automatic or operated by levers. Read our guide for more facts and information…

A recliner chair is basically an armchair, which reclines according to the occupants maneuvering operations, and comes with a backrest and foot rest. Their style and design are entirely different from other chairs. The convenience offered by recliner chairs is much advanced compared to that offered by an ordinary chair, and probably an experience on a recliner chair would describe it better.

Mechanism of recliner chairs

The stately-looking recliner chair provides unique adjustment options that make it the most convenient and sought-after seating option. It offers automatic adjustments rendered via a spring system or can be maneuvered manually via a lever system. The frame of the chair and the occupant are harmoniously aligned to allow an easy recline. The arms, comprising panels are screwed together using cross bars and distinct pieces of the chair are assembled in a proper way to allow a smooth operation. The head rest as well as the foot rest can be adjusted in accordance with the occupant’s level of convenience.

Characteristics of Swedish recliner chairs

Recliner chairs made in Sweden use unique leathers and foam of excellent quality with a good density rating. Leather recliners are made using best grade leathers obtained from Scandinavian hides, the costliest leather in the world. The cool climatic conditions of the Scandinavian region rid off harmful parasites that attack animals, providing the finest leather, namely Elmo leather, with the smoothest texture.

Pigmented leather, originated from Italy and Brazil are also used to make cost-effective recliner chairs. Semi-aniline leather subjected to a dye finish with pigmentations offers pliable and soft leather. Standard Swedish recliners do not make use of vinyl.

The Shiastu or Swedish massage chair

The Shiastu is Sweden’s popular recliner chair constructed with the best of technologies to offer a convenient massage position for the occupant. Owing to the popular and efficient massage style of Sweden, Shiastu has been made available in the global market. This unique recliner chair comes with advanced features, compared to a standard recliner chair.

Shiastu comes with speed controls, intensity controls or both, to allow convenient and optimal massaging levels. A few massage chairs are incorporated with MP3 players to enhance the relaxing effect. Also, heating elements and stretching systems allow for more customization. The massage operation is rendered by an in-built motor in the massage chair. Contemporary massage chairs have leather seats, fabrics, polished wood and plastics or sometimes synthetic leather.

A Swedish recliner chair is a living room luxury, and requires careful selection. The user can ensure the operations and durability of the operating mechanism or motors, and that of the cushion prior to acquiring this lifetime luxury.

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