Swedish Clog Sandals

Swedish clog sandals are must-haves in your list of fashion items. More than style, clog sandals offer comfort and convenience. Own a pair now! Read our guide for more facts and information…

In the 1970s, clogs caught the attention of the fashion industry and became an instant fashion statement.  During the era of disco, mini skirts and platforms, clogs were synonymous to modern fashion for women.  Women could be seen wearing brightly colored clogs reflecting the vivid pop and artistic era of the 70s.  Clogs for men were designed as well.

From being workmen shoes, clogs evolved into one of the classic footwear items.  The unique design and use of material helps reduce aches and pains in your back, legs, knees or hips.   Professional workers such as nurses, doctors, chefs, retail staff and the like tend to spend hours a day on their feet on hard surfaces.   The clogs with their open design, wooden in-sole and rubber bottom help prevent the aches of too may hours on your feet every day.

They are ideal for inside use where other closed shoes such as runners would leave your feet damp and too warm after a long day. Since the clogs are open with a wooden sole, they allow your feet to breath better hence adjusting the temperature to a more consistent and comfortable level.

Swedish clog sandals are made of non-slip rubber soles to ensure better grip in almost all kinds of floor surfaces.  Also, these clog sandals are lightweight.  You can have  open-heel sandals for more space or closed-heel for more support.  Materials are made from Sweden to ensure top quality especially if you are opting for clog sandals with leather.  Clog sandals are recommended for professionals working in health care facilities, hospitals, kitchens, spas and clinics. The firm rubber or wooden bottoms on clogs offer all-day support. That is why so many professionals that stand or walk on the job wear them.

The heel height of many clogs makes you stand straighter, thus taking pressure off the lower back and hips. The wide toe and natural foot shape of clogs keep your feet cradled, but not constricted. The thickness of the sole under the ball of your foot allows your feet to roll. Simply put, your feet bend less which takes the pressure off toes and joints. This helps relieve bunions, hammer toes, metatarsal problems, and aching toe joints.

Clogs are great fashion pieces but they also offer comfort, support, convenience and value.  The firm rubber or wooden bottoms of Swedish clogs are good for all-day support.  Clogs offer a firm foundation so you can say goodbye to tired and aching legs. Be in style without hurting your feet.  Choose a pair of Swedish clog sandals that suit your needs.

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