Antique Swedish Chairs

Antique Swedish chairs date back to 1700’s Rococo Period and Gustavian Period, when Sweden introduced several chairs with carved edges and rounded backs, besides rocking chairs and armchairs. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Though comfort is the basic aspect while purchasing a chair, antique styles still intrigue people worldwide. Antique chairs are exhibited in a range of styles starting from the ornate Chippendales of Europe to the plain styles of America. Antique Swedish furniture blends neatly with different styles of interiors including other antiques as well as contemporary furniture.

Unique characteristics of antique Swedish chairs

The first thing that typifies antique Swedish chairs is the color scheme, comprised of light blues, whites or off-whites, lavenders and light green shades. They pose a modest and simplistic look and are yet delightful and appealing. Painted wood is characteristic of antique Swedish chairs and they were handmade, giving a naturalistic feel.

The 18th century Gustavian period antique chairs of Sweden are still popular, inclusive of Farmers Rococo, Leksand, Swedish Louis XVI and a few more. The chairs of the 19th century were upholstered using horse hair and were assembled with wooden lugs, which were replaced by screws in the twentieth century.

The antique Gungstol of Sweden

The Swedish rocking chair or Gungstol was initially made in 1740, which has a stately appearance with six legs, three under each side. The legs are fixed into rails and the extended legs along with the rails rock off with a slight force, without allowing the occupant to tip. After 1870, they were made with four legs. They were usually painted white or grey and now come in black with gold motif patterns.

The antique armchair of Sweden

Swedish armchairs were constructed with a plain design, with square backs and upholstered seats. The seat usually springs up like a dome, allowing a comfortable cushioned seat. The long arms curve mid-way up the back reaching the front of the upholstered seat.

Other antique chairs in Sweden

Dining chairs and kitchen chairs of Swedish antique style are also painted wood, usually without arms. A dining chair for the family head may have arms and the upholstery used on these chairs has a characteristic Swedish look. Study chairs are also similar with color schemes in accordance to the interior.

Antique Swedish chairs were made from light wood such as beach, alder and pine. Carpenters used quality craftsmanship, which has obviously made them durable and extremely comfortable. Several chairs also include curvilinear carvings with upholstered seats and padded backs, alongside gold accents blended with lustrous paint coats, rendering an ornate appearance. By and large, antique Swedish chairs are reminiscent of the Scandinavian heritage.

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