Swedish Kneeling Chairs

Are you aware how Swedish kneeling chairs can help you prevent neck, back and shoulder problems? A Swedish kneeling chair will instantly correct bad posture and prevent many spinal cord related problems…

Bad posture is no doubt the prime culprit when we are looking at a variety of neck, shoulder and back problems experienced by people spending many hours in a sitting position every day. Most of us sit in a hunching position, which provides no support to our backs. This can result in serious long term problems and even permanent damage to the spinal column. The first symptoms will be pain in the back or neck, or frequent splitting headaches. Over time the symptoms will become worse, until you will be forced to visit a doctor or a chiropractor. If you’re fortunate enough, your chiropractor will be aware of what an ergonomic Swedish kneeling chair can do for you and he will recommend that you switch to one.

The solution: an ergonomic kneeling chair

When you first see someone sitting in a Swedish kneeling chair, you will probably think he is praying. The chair has no backrest. The seat is smaller than that of a conventional chair and slightly tilted forward. In front of your knees there is a padded knee rest so you won’t slip off the chair. This position automatically forces you to straighten your back without the need for lumbar support. You will immediately feel how the stress is taken from your back as your weight is partly transferred from your buttocks to your knees.

Is a Swedish kneeling chair comfortable?

Watching someone sit in a Swedish kneeling chair, it might look as if the position could be very uncomfortable. This is in fact not the case. Since your hips and pelvis are tilted forward and your weight is partly transferred to your knees, you will feel much more relaxed than in an ordinary office chair. Try it once and see for yourself. After a few hours you will realize you are not nearly as tired as you would normally have been.

Is an ergonomic kneeling chair cost effective?

If you look at the alternatives, the answer to this question can only be yes. Spending hundreds of dollars on pain tablets and doctors visits is not even going to provide a long term solution to your problem. The pain that bad posture causes is not measurable in monetary terms anyway. And long term damage to your spinal column is something that money can most likely not fix at all. The cost of a Swedish kneeling chair pales against the clear benefits it provides.

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