Cheap Hostels in Switzerland

If you are going on holiday to Switzerland with a limited budget, you’ll want to read our tips on how to find a cheap hotel or hostel in Switzerland.
Cheap hotels in Switzerland

In comparison to other European countries, Switzerland is not generally considered to be a cheap holiday destination. This is reflected in the hotel prices which are generally not as cheap as similar hotels in other countries.

However, the general standard of hotels in Switzerland is usually very good regardless of the price bracket a hotel falls under. The best chance of securing cheap hotel accommodation in Switzerland is by negotiating a discounted nightly rate on the basis of staying in a hotel for a number of nights.

This is not always possible to negotiate at the hotel desk once in Switzerland; however a trip to the local Swiss tourist office may provide you with information on local Swiss hotels that are willing to offer a cheaper price on the basis of multi-night occupancy.

Low season cheap hotels in Switzerland

Another obvious but significant factor to consider when looking for a cheap hotel is what season you visit Switzerland in. It will be much more difficult to find cheap hotel accommodation during the busy winter and summer months, while visitors to Switzerland in autumn and spring may find it easier to find a cheap hotel.

There are several Swiss hotel chains that offer 1, 2 and 3 star hotel accommodation which can be quite cheap, although often this may mean settling for a hotel room without an en- suite bathroom.

Cheap hostels in Switzerland

If you are travelling to Switzerland on a limited budget, your best option is to stay in a cheap hostel. Hostels in Switzerland are generally cheap and clean. Depending on your personal arrangements you will be able to secure dormitory accommodation or even a single or double room in a cheap hostel in Switzerland.

Be aware that because of the cheap prices, hostels in Switzerland are often fully booked throughout the busy seasons and one may need to reserve a place at a cheap hostel up to several weeks or even months before travelling to Switzerland.

Almost every place worth visiting in Switzerland, including ski resorts, has a hostel nearby so the best thing to do is obtain a map of cheap hostel locations in Switzerland which is available from any Swiss tourist office.

Closing times at cheap hostels in Switzerland

One should be aware that the doors to these cheap hostels are locked for the night from anywhere between 10pm to midnight, so one should check what entrance procedures past that time are. In addition, many cheap hostels in Switzerland require that their guests vacate the hostel during the daytime so that it can be cleaned.

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