Real Estate Switzerland

Looking for real estate for sale in Switzerland? Did you know the laws for buying real estate in Switzerland differ between cantons. Whether it’s Basel or Zurich, Lugarno or Como We’ve got the information & facts to help you.

Known for producing some of the world’s best chocolate, Switzerland has other reasons why it is one of the most favored tourist attractions in the world. Situated amidst the Swiss Alps this is a region of exotic beauty that has a captivating effect on the heart and mind. The snow capped mountains and the various other natural attractions have earned Switzerland the reputation of being one of the most outstanding places of natural beauty in the world. This is why we find an influx of seasonal tourists who love to visit the country whenever they get the chance. Moreover some people are so captivated by the beauty of the region that they have the desire to migrate their. No matter if you are a traveler having to stay in one of Switzerland’s cities for some business purposes, or an individual who is looking to move into Switzerland for good there are certain things that you should be aware of when it comes to real estate in the country.

Basel Real Estate

The first and foremost thing to be aware of is that Switzerland is a very well developed country which means that the standard of living is generally high. This also means that the people are of high standards and consequently so are the prices of real estate. The Swiss have also managed to cash in on the Alps and the lakes that have attracted hoards of foreigners into the region. Although since 1984 foreign investment in the purchase of real estate has been restricted due to government laws. Since most of the decisions in Switzerland are made via referendum in an attempt to change this law a referendum was held but the results were in favor of maintaining the restrictions. As a result the law stayed in force only with some minor amendments.

Lugarno Real Estate

Some of the amendments in the law have allowed those foreigners who have a year’s residency permit to buy land without having to seek permission from the government. Moreover the previously levied restrictions on the upper limit of the size of land that foreigners were allowed to purchase has been lifted giving them the freedom to buy whatever size that they may wish. As for those who are there on vacation, which is the major case generally, they still have to seek government authorization if they want to buy land in Switzerland.

Como & Zurich Real Estate

According to the general rule non resident foreign individuals are not allowed to purchase and own a piece of real estate in the country. Although this is generally the case each region in Switzerland has the power to make its own laws hence you will find a considerable amount of difference when it comes to these rulings. For instance you may find that non residents are allowed to purchase a certain amount of land in Zurich where as in Como the law may prevent the same thing. Previously foreigners could not even sell real estate to other foreigners on vacation but this too has changed and the rulings vary from region to region.



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