Skiing In Switzerland

Are you interested in doing some skiing at one of the many ski resorts in Switzerland? Read our guide on where & when to go Skiing in Switzerland.
Downhill Skiing in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the world’s premier skiing destinations boasting a host of great ski resorts and some of the best mountains and skiing conditions in the World. Switzerland is, however, more exclusive in terms of the skiers it attracts in comparison to neighbouring France and Italy.

Ski resorts in Switzerland tend to be smaller in scale providing a more authentic alpine experience to skiers in Switzerland. This means that skiing in Switzerland is more expensive than skiing at neighbouring European ski resorts.

Skiing Season in Switzerland

the length of the skiing season in Switzerland depends primarily on the altitude of the ski resort. Higher altitude ski resorts in Switzerland can offer skiing to visitors from as early as November until May; however, the majority of ski resorts in Switzerland tend to open in December and run through to April.

There are a hand-full of very high altitude ski resorts (above 3000m) that offer skiing in Switzerland all year round.

The best time to get cheap deals for skiing holidays in Switzerland is towards the end of the skiing season at the end of March. The busiest and most expensive times to go skiing in Switzerland are the peak months of January and February.

Downhill Skiing in Switzerland

Downhill or piste skiing is by far the most popular type of skiing in Switzerland. Every ski resort in Switzerland offers a range of different runs with varying levels of difficulty which the skier is free to attempt.

Expert skiers often go skiing off the official runs; however, this is only to be attempted by the very best skiers. Although Ski resorts in Switzerland do have cable cars to transport skiers to the top of the ski run, demand is very high, especially during peak months, so expect long queues.

Cross Country Skiing in Switzerland

Cross country skiing is far less popular that downhill skiing in Switzerland; however, the majority of ski resorts that offer downhill skiing will also be able to cater for cross country skiing.

Cross country skiing is comparatively cheaper, safer and healthier than downhill skiing in Switzerland. Cross country ski routes are well signposted and there is no need to wait around for cable cars when cross country skiing in Switzerland.

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