Fat French Chefs

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The image of fat French chef has become an identity forming symbol for the country of France. This amusing theme can be found on a wide variety of products making it one of the hottest trends today. The use of this theme is particularly popular in kitchen decor. It is a fun filled theme with cultural significance that has spread to all corners of the world.
The market is loaded with a wide variety of fat French chefs themed products. Some of the most interesting products are given below.

Fat French Chefs Napkin Holders

There are a host of manufacturers producing napkin holders with the image of fat French chefs on it. These can be placed on your dining table and will create a sense of amusement for your guests. You will be able to find fat French chefs napkin holders in a variety of designs and colors giving you the opportunity to select the products that best match your interior design.

Fat French Chefs Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and pepper shakers decorated with the theme of fat French chefs are perhaps the most popular products bearing this theme. Again the salt-and-pepper shakers with this theme are available in a wide variety of design. Some of them are shaped like regular shakers with a printed image of fat French chefs. On the other hand there are other designs which are more intricate. You will actually be able to find fat French chefs themed salt and pepper shakers that are miniature sculptures of oversized French chefs. Their hats have holes in them from where the salt and pepper is released.

Fat French Chefs Canisters

Fat French chefs themed canisters are also commonly found in many houses. These products are easily available in the market and you will be able to find them in a variety of different sizes being sold separately as well as in sets. Different manufacturers decorate these canisters with different interesting graphics.

Bread Boxes

Another interesting kitchen décor item bearing the same theme is the bread box. This is a practical utility kitchen accessory that comes in very handy on a daily basis. Fat French chefs themed red boxes are excellent to store your French loafs and other conventional bakery items.

Curtains and Wall Art

If you are looking to create a fun filled environment in your kitchen then there is nothing like putting up fat French chefs themed curtains in your kitchen. You will also be able to find a wide variety of wall art carrying the same theme.
Not all products bearing this theme are restricted to be used in the kitchen. On the contrary you will be able to find many other general household items that carry the image of fat French chefs. For example rugs carrying this theme can be commonly found in the market. Another popular fat French chefs themed product is a key holder rack. Clocks, stove covers, towels and ceramic statues bearing the symbol of fat French chefs can also be found in the market.


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